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A Year of Events

A Time Line of Protests

By Jasmine Kozak-Gilroy Recent protests were a response to tensions that have been mounting through the entire academic year. Here is a summary of some of the events that lead to student action— September 21 Student Protest at ...

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Stuff to Do

May 31 – June 14

Olympia Comics Festival Friday June 2-Saturday June 3 Timberland Library – 313 8th Ave SE // Olympia Center – 222 Columbia St NW // Capitol Theater – 206 Fifth Ave // Danger Room – 201 Fourth Ave. W. All...

Letters & Opinion

Resident Assistants On Strike!

By Resident Assistants Fighting for Tomorrow On Friday, May 26 at 7 p.m. a group of Resident Assistants of The Evergreen State College went on strike as the group RAFT (Resident Assistants Fighting for Tomorrow). On Wednesday, ...

Letters & Opinion

Campus Police: Not ‘Just Here to Help’

By Jasmine Kozak-Gilroy Police, on or off campus, are positioned as protectors of the safety of all citizens, an illusion that comes in conflict with the reality of violence routinely committed against protesters, regardless of...



May 31

By Sylvie Chace The sun is shining down on this beautiful Gemini season where we are being pulled quickly in a myriad of directions. Where life may feel overwhelming and exploring every angle of a situation may be a lot of work...

Letters & Opinion

The Truth About the Evergreen Protests

By Jacqueline Littleton Dr. Bret Weinstein of the Evergreen State College shared this headline on Twitter: “The Shrieking Mob of Students Confronted the Professor for Opposing Racism.” The mob of students in question were prote...


Students Demand Change

Photo by Ricky Osborne Multiple coalitions of POC students delivered demands to George Bridges and other members of the administration. We suspect they will cotinue to grow and change as this story progresses. Here are the curr...


Protest Prompts Changes at Evergreen

Students Say the Fight Against Racism on Campus Continues

By Felix Chrome Evergreen President George Bridges held a meeting on Friday, May 26 to respond to student demands addressing racism, anti-blackness, and police on campus. A series of protests that began Tuesday May 22 increased...


George Bridges Statement in Response to Student Demands

Delivered in the Longhouse on Friday, May 26

I’m George Bridges, I use he/him pronouns. I begin our time together today by acknowledging the indigenous people of the Medicine Creek Treaty, whose land was stolen and on which the college stands. I would like to acknowledge ...


Protests on Evergreen Campus

Students Challenge Racism and Anti-Blackness

By Georgie Hicks Months of protest and community dissatisfaction came to head this week with a student led protest, specifically about empowering student voices, formed by the group behind #exposeevergreen gathered the force of...


Campus Protest Update

Friday May 26

By Felix Chrome On Wednesday, May 24, students occupied the Library building for nearly five hours to protest racism, anti-blackness, and mistreatment of students of color on campus. Students escorted college administrators int...