All those regulations you didn’t read

By Daniel Pfeifle As a new student living on campus, there are a lot of rules you were supposed to have read, which you didn’t. Well you’re in luck, because we did! Some of the rules that will be covered include drug and alcohol regulations, h... Read More →


Hello! Welcome to BODY PARTY, a space to talk about sex, relationships, health, identity, and being a freak! Each week, our anonymous resident Body Partier will take YOUR questions and answer them, judgement free! To have your questions answered in p... Read More →

Artist Interview: Melanie Ramirez

By Georgie Hicks I’ve known Melanie for over 5 years. She graduated from Evergreen in 2013. Recently she was accepted into the MFA program at Digipen Institute of Technology. Last week I sat down with her to ask her about art, grad school and li... Read More →

CPJ staff reccomends foods & drinks

By Georgie Hicks, Morrissey Morrissey Welcome to Olympia! If you're new in town you’ve probably already heard about some of the local favorite spots like the Reef, Vic's and Old school. Your friendly CPJ staff are here to give you the scoop on ... Read More →

March for Our Rights

By Mason Soto On April 21, gun-rights activists gathered at the Olympia Capitol for an event they called “March for Our Rights”, rallying on the grounds and steps of the Legislative Building, carrying an array of guns from pistols to rifles an... Read More →

Stuff 2 Do

Spring Quarter: Week One

By Morrissey Morrissey Thursday, April 5th: Thoroughbreds Capitol Theatre, 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m I want to see this movie so bad. I know, you might think I’m supposed to be writing this section for you but what you might not know is that “Stuff... Read More →