Posted September 17, 2012 by Cooper Point Journal in Letters & Opinion

Horoscopes: 9/17/12

Aries – Choosing how to spend your orientation week will be equal parts exciting and overwhelming for you. If at any point you feel yourself becoming agitated with the masses of humanity, take a trip down to the Campus Recreation Center to blow off some steam.

Taurus – Make sure to enjoy a walk in the woods this week while the weather is still good. Clearing your mind of distractions during this transitory time will help keep you grounded and peaceful.

Gemini – That activity you were debating attending today? It would be in your best interest to show up. If you keep your eyes open, it may reveal a new opportunity to you.

Cancer – Avoid the urge to fight fire with fire this week. A mild irritation could bloom into a full-blown conflict if you don’t remember to take deep breaths.

Leo – If you are currently on the prowl for a special someone, keep your eyes peeled this week. Someone charming may ask to sit with you in the Greenery. Play it cool, but not too cool for fear they may think you disinterested.

Virgo – Plenty of clubs are holding interest meetings this week. Sit in on one you wouldn’t have otherwise. The rewards may not be clear immediately, but if nothing else you will learn about a different subsection of the student population.

Libra – Living with new roommates can be stressful to anyone, Libra, but you have the social graces to smooth over any potentially catastrophic situations. Get to know your housemates before the pressure is on, and they will take kindly to you in otherwise stressful moments later.

Scorpio – Now is a perfect time to try on a new identity. Dye your hair a different color or spend some time with a totally different crowd. If at the end of the week it still doesn’t feel like you, revert back to your old ways of thinking without any regret.

Sagittarius – Your mood this week will greatly affect those in close quarters with you. So if you want to be on good terms with your roommate, you’ll need to do your best to send out positive signals.

Capricorn – Spend some time preparing for your classes this week. You are far less likely to be embarrassed for being too ready.

Aquarius – Strike out on your own at some point this week to explore a part of campus you haven’t spent much time in. Whether it’s checking out the basement of the library or getting lost on the way to the beach, if you keep your eyes open you can find something truly memorable.

Pisces – Write down a list of five goals you hope to achieve this quarter, and dream big. What seems impossible today may be thoroughly attainable by week seven with a little elbow grease.

By Troy Mead