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Places & Spaces

Besides the library and dorms, the College Activities Building (CAB) will become your home away from home. Everything you need to survive Evergreen resides in this newly renovated structure: the Greenery, KAOS, the Market Place (including a Batdorf & Bronson coffee stand, the Wandering Burrito, and Topio’s), the Bookstore, the Quiet Lounge, Student Activities, the Flaming Eggplant, the Cooper Point Journal and more.

Upon accepting admission to Evergreen, you signed up for four years of having to write, write, and write some more. Between evaluations of self and faculty each quarter, as well as a summative self-evaluation before graduation, possessing high-quality writing skills is a must. The Writing Center understands students’ potential need for assistance with problematic pieces of writing. Utilize this resource by stopping by the Library second floor or calling to set up an appointment!

Feeling a little flat? Get pumped up at the Bike Shop. They provide various resources to help community members with bike repair, education about alternative transportation issues, and promote cycling as an active lifestyle. Anyone, student or not, can develop skills of bike self-reliance in this free learning environment. The shop supplies tools, lubes, work stands, spare parts, books, and space for project storage. Check out the DIY bike shop on the CAB first floor!

If the freshmen fifteen begin creeping up on you (which probably isn’t likely due to the appetite-averting food at the Greenery), you might want to head down to the College Recreation Center (CRC) and see what they have to offer. Between the Olympic size pool, the rock-climbing wall, yoga and aikido classes, racquetball courts, cardio and weight rooms, as well as the gymnasium to get your hoops on, there are plenty of ways to get exercise and meet fellow students.

Chances are you have eaten at the Greenery for a few days and realized that a combination of freshman anxiety and low quality ingredients equals a pissed off digestive system. Don’t worry, that’s why The Flaming Eggplant exists! Well, kind of. It was originally started in response to Evergreen’s contract with Aramark in 2008, offering a local and sustainable food alternative for the Evergreen community. Now they have their own space on the third floor of the CAB building and host a variety of events including poetry slams and gallery installations. And not to mention they make one kick-ass falafel!

The rainy, freezing, miserable climate that comprises Olympia’s daily forecast can lead to the inevitable common cold. Have no fear; the Health Center will get you back to 98.6 degrees in no time. Not only do they have remedies for colds and flu, but they also offer evaluations for mental health issues, and consultation, education and testing for STDs as well as birth control options. If you’re feeling under the weather, don’t wait to call and schedule an appointment.

Experience a part of history. The first building constructed on a public campus that is based on Native American tradition, the Longhouse Center embodies Evergreen’s commitment to our partnerships with tribes. The center exists to provide hospitality and service to students, the college, and the surrounding Native communities. Be on the lookout for programs such as Native art sales and symposia, as well as gatherings of Native artists, including basket weavers, woodcarvers, and Pacific Rim visual artists.

Most likely there will come a time when you need some sort of audio, video, or photography equipment. Media Loan has got you covered. TESC students and staff with a valid ID can check out equipment. However some equipment requires proficiency tests prior to check out. Located on the second floor of the Library Building, make use of Media Loan.

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