Posted October 5, 2012 by Cooper Point Journal in Arts & Entertainment

Student Group Spotlight: Generation Friends

Everyone has asked the question at some point: Who are the Generation Friends?

The Generation Friends Comedy Arts Coalition has been on campus for 12 years. According to Caleb Hepker, a club coordinator, they began as, “The Evergreen Spontaneity Club”.

“That’s awful,” commented Sam Bennett, a member of the Gen Friends, about the club’s original title. “It makes them sounds so . . . happy.”

“I know, right?” responded Hepker. “Originally we were just an improv club. We’ve expanded.” The Generation Friends are now split into three branches– Sketch, Stand-Up, and Improv. Each branch meets separately to focus on each medium. In charge of sketch is Ryland Duncan, Gabe Smith coordinates stand-up, and Caleb Hepker leads improv.

“We probably put on more events than any other student organization,” said Hepker.

“Yeah, we’re kind of responsible for the entire comedy scene in Olympia,” added Duncan. In addition to hosting dozens of shows and events on campus throughout the year, the Gen Friends also are responsible for other local events, such as weekly open mic nights at Al Forno’s and The Royal.

More of the Gen Friends’ events include sketch, stand-up, and improv shows as well as some larger events like Improlympia, and the 24 Hour Sketch show.

Improlympia is a four hour improv festival that invites participation from outside improv troupes. The 24 Hour Sketch Show is a condensed event of writing, rehearsing, and performing an original sketch show in a day.

“Generation Friends,” concluded Duncan. “We’ll take our clothes off for you. If you ask nicely.”

By Jane Adams