Posted October 5, 2012 by Cooper Point Journal in Letters & Opinion

Greeners Travel to West Bank

The Evergreen campus has more than a few radicals, advocates and activists, who devote much of their time to social justice and change. But only a small group will be plunging headlong into a conflict that has seen such death and destruction in recent decades.

The Israeli Palestinian conflict is a subject sure to evoke impassioned opinions on and off campus. This year a handful of Evergreen students will leave the confines of the classroom for the arid lands of the Middle East. Senior Elissa Goss and recent graduate Maya Harris, will be traveling to Palestine with the organization Interfaith Peace Builders (IFPB).

The delegation will be lead by Cindy Corrie, cofounder of The Rachel Corrie Foundation, and Andy Clarno, professor in Sociology of Africa and the Middle East at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Interfaith Peace Builders is an organization dedicated to fostering “a network of informed and active individuals who understand the Israeli-Palestine conflict and the United States’ political, military, and economic role in it. To build and nurture such a network, [they] lead delegations of people from diverse backgrounds to Israel/Palestine,” According to the IFPB website.

Delegates from the IFPB will get first hand experience of the daily realities of the region.

The immersive experience the delegation’s trip provides is intended to motivate its participants to take action. Upon their return, delegates are encouraged to implement substantial change and advance the nonviolent work of Israelis and Palestinians working towards peace and justice. For more information about this organization, go to their website:

The Evergreen students will be in the West Bank of Palestine for various time spans ranging from two weeks to two months and will be keeping an updated blog of their experience. Keep your eyes peeled for updates, letters and photos from these involved students about their time in Palestine!

By Sabra Chandiwalla