Posted October 5, 2012 by Cooper Point Journal in Arts & Entertainment

LP Review: SCIENCE! | Science

Olympia bluegrass duo make a name for themselves with studio debut

Even before we heard Science!’s self-titled studio debut, they were quickly becoming one of the most talked about bands in Olympia. The duo was voted “best new Olympia band” by The Weekly Volcano probably because they are so damn easy to listen to.

Science! is the duo’s first album with a full band and Glen Graham of Blind Melon on drums. It is available now for free streaming or $7.00 download at

There is nothing particularly innovative on their self-released 7-track EP. The two guitarists take off where The Grateful Dead’s “Touch of Grey” left off, with a more up-tempo, bluesy twist – which means they sound like Dispatch. “Austin Tune” could be straight from the Dead’s catalogue, with Stang’s raspy vocals and the ever-wandering guitar solos.

Like The Grateful Dead, Science! finds a sweet balance between country, bluegrass and blues.

Despite their lack of imagination, they will no doubt hit the spot for many mature listeners looking to give their car stereos a break from The String Cheese Incident and Dave Matthew’s Band on the way to the farmers market.

Their songs are adult and catchy (point and case: the soulful blues hook on “You and Rachel”), yet they maintain the kind of unkempt vibe that will win over younger Olympians who appreciate rugged bluegrass.

Science’s official website

By Issac Scott