Posted October 19, 2012 by Cooper Point Journal in Letters & Opinion

Horoscopes: 10/19/12

Aries – Trick: Your competitive nature is leading you to feel high-strung and anxious this week.
Treat: Phone it in for a day.
Last minute Halloween costume: Occupy Olympia protestor

Taurus – Trick: You feel that those closest to you are being frivolous and flighty in a way you can’t quite get behind.
Treat: Cultivate the hardworking and serious aspects of your nature over the next week, and goof off next week.
Last minute Halloween costume: Duct tape a few fallen branches to your sides and call yourself a tree.

Gemini – Trick: You wish you had more friends in your program.
Treat: Your winning personality will help you find a good new pal this week. This is the time to go for quantity, not quality.
Last minute Halloween costume: The plastic bag monster

Cancer – Trick: You’ve been feeling down lately and want to isolate yourself.
Treat: This is a great way to deal with sorrow, if you want to stay stuck in it. As Mark Twain once said, “Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of a joy you must have somebody to divide it with”.
Last minute Halloween costume: The bear that showed up on campus last week.

Leo – Trick: You have been trying to express a big truth about yourself to a loved one, but they don’t quite get it. You don’t feel like you’re being heard and it hurts your feelings.
Treat: Practice what you’re going to say by expressing yourself in another format. It will help you do what you need to get heard.
Last minute Halloween costume: Ball of yarn

Virgo – Trick: All work and no play is making you dull, dull, dull.
Treat: Be parsimonious with your time, and you’ll find some freedom for fun.
Last minute Halloween costume: Hipster

Libra – Trick: You’ve fallen on hard times financially, and new income isn’t exactly presenting itself to you.
Treat: I’ll be honest with you. Things aren’t great at the moment. But a month or so from now, you might get a chance at something good, as long as you keep your eyes open.
Last minute Halloween costume: An evil scientist

Scorpio – Trick: Your love life sucks. You’re thinking about giving up, since your usual type isn’t proving fruitful.
Treat: Start cruising for people slightly older than your usual preferences. Bonus points if you hook up with an alum who hasn’t left Olympia since graduating in the ‘90s.
Last minute Halloween costume: sexy garbage collector

Sagittarius – Trick: You’re having an academic crisis and don’t know which way to turn.
Treat: Assert yourself with your faculty. If they just don’t care, go to their higher-ups.
Last minute Halloween costume: Cotton ball cloud

Capricorn – Trick: You’re bored with your current scenery. You want out of this little town, but going places costs money.
Treat: You’re going to need to save up for a while, but dreaming up grand plans is half the fun.
Last minute Halloween costume: Spider

Aquarius – Trick: Your life is wheeling out of control and you’re stressed out.
Treat: You’re going to need to prioritize what’s most important for you. And if you can carve out a few minutes to laugh with friends, please do. For your own health.
Last minute Halloween costume: Your bathrobe and a cucumber face mask.

Pisces – Trick: You keep blaming yourself for things that really aren’t your fault. Take responsibility for your actions, but think about what’s really you and what’s someone else.
Treat: I think if you do this, you’ll realize that you aren’t the horrible human being that you’ve been treating yourself as of late.
Last minute Halloween costume: Unidentified flying object.

By Troy Mead