What We Need is Humanism

This is the problem with the election: the two-party system we have is not substantially different from a one-party system. Sure, we may have more angry people on screens telling us why the other half of the country is wrong than we would if this were a dictatorship, but in the end, we all know that both “parties” are on the same team. The real dichotomy in our world is between the few members of the land-owning plutocracy and the people capitalism forgot. The election is between two groups with identical interests.

The major political parties are not philosophical entities; they are businesses. Whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney is president for the next four years, the same people will still set our country’s course. We do not elect those people. They have massive amounts of capital in a system that puts value exclusively on capital. Without property, you do not even have the right to a place to sleep.

We have capitalism, and what we need is humanism. Neither candidate will change the fact capitalism doesn’t care about people, not to mention plants, animals, or the soil. In this sense, the presidential election distracts us from the real issues. It has more to do with making us feel like we have a voice. However, this supposed voice consists merely of selecting one of two people with the same fundamental goals– to serve a role that has little meaning in the grand scheme of things.

Ultimately, we cannot rely on others to demand a compassionate system. Simply voting for someone to be president is not enough. We each need to take responsibility within our communities. Do something. Take direct action. Don’t let the politicians fool you; we have power without them.

By Issac Scott