Posted November 1, 2012 by Cooper Point Journal in Arts & Entertainment


If you’re a practicing musicophile, chances are you’ve heard of King Dude’s cult hit “Lucifer is the Light of the World” off his 2011 album Love. A true Washingtonian (he was born in Kennewick), his dark, sometimes brooding, sometimes giddy “apocalyptic folk” music makes any rainy day a true celebration of grime and the occult.

His new album Burning Daylight returns to his older, vibrant, sparse style with a little more cowboy step in the guitar. The album is available at for the fortuitous price of ten dollars.

Top tracks in my personal roster are “Barbara Anne” and “I’m Cold.” The grit and pungent rottenness (in a good way) of his vocals on these tracks remind me of  Johnny Cash with a serious case of heartbreak hangover.

King Dude, real name T.J. Cowgill, is also the creator of the Actual Pain clothing line. The original mastermind behind all those upside-down crosses and Satanic heathenry you’ve been seeing everywhere you find a trend-jockey with a little pain in his heart. If you’re into the ominous, or just love the positivity of good, dark music, Burning Daylight is a must grab – and did I mention he’s playing at Chop Suey in Seattle on November 9 with Psychic TV? Honest pagan pageantry at its best.

By Carson Ball