Harvest Fest: Fun at the Farm

Colorful, crispy leaves and a light rain set the scene at Evergreen’s Organic Farm for a timely event celebrating the autumn season. Last weekend, students and community members gathered for the annual Harvest Festival.

The event was lively and had many seasonal activities to participate in. Among others, there were stations for pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, and face painting. Treats such as cider and soup were sold as well as baked goods to raise money for student groups on campus. There were also fresh vegetables from the farm available for sale. Many students volunteered their time to help make this event a success.They helped plan activities for the festival, worked shifts at various booths, and catered to the arts and crafts. Local bands comprised of Evergreen students including Farewell to the Woods and Camp Wisdom, attracted a handful of dancers. Moreover, the festival gave students and guests an opportunity to see and explore the organic farm on campus if they hadn’t done so already.

Throughout the day, there was a constant stream of people walking the scenic trail to the farm to join the celebration. The casual mood of the festival allowed students and visitors to wander leisurely through the area, socializing and enjoying the autumn-themed activities. It wouldn’t have been a Washington autumn day without a chill in the air and a light drizzle. This didn’t ruin the fun, though; people were laughing and dancing as huge fall-colored leaves and droplets of rain fell through the air. The harvest festival had a sizable turnout of Greeners and guests alike. Many students are attracted to the sustainable values honored at the Organic Farm. Harvest Festival is the only formal celebration sponsored by the Organic Farm with the goal of raising enough money to fuel next year’s crop.

By Hunter Paulson-Smith