Posted November 15, 2012 by Cooper Point Journal in News

Cupcakes & Beer

“Beer and cupcakes. What an awesome combination,” exclaimed Adam Meredith, a regular customer at Bonjour Cupcakes, as he sipped on a home brewed beer.

On the night of November 10, Bonjour Cupcakes held its first Beer and Cupcakes event.

Alexandra Mikler, one of Bonjour Cupcake’s bakers, commented that this was their second event, ever.

“We had a wine tasting event back in spring,” Mikler said. “It’s worked out to be a twice a year thing, but we are looking to make it quarterly.”

Mikler had several distinct cupcakes out for her customers, including an apple cider buttercream cupcake, a coconut raspberry cupcake and even bacon and jalapeño cornbread.

While Alexandra helped make the cupcakes, Alberto Flores-Arvizu brewed the beer. Flores-Arvizu has been brewing for over nine years.

Some of the beers that Flores-Arvizu had for display that night were a “Double Flores” IPA, “Ol’ Caffinated Ganlgy” Stout, and “Coco the Vanilla Elephant” coconut porter.

“It’s not hard to brew, but it is a process,” said Flores-Arvizu.

As the night continued, customers enjoyed a range of music including a live guitarist and piano player performing covers of The Foo Fighters, The Beatles, and other hit bands while the shop sang along.

Many customers discussed the art on the walls, which ranged from professional photography to tapestries to glass blowing.

Several other customers discussed the recent election, debating the benefits of charter schools and marijuana legalization.

In a moment of clarity, one man commented that “it’s a good sign that charter schools are more controversial than gay marriage” here in Washington.

Cecilia Milker, the owner of Bonjour Cupcakes, was very excited with the turnout and how much fun everyone was having.

Like her daughter, she hopes that she can host more events like this as the year progresses.

By Ray Still