Posted December 6, 2012 by Cooper Point Journal in Arts & Entertainment

Music Theater Program Performs Final Project

Musical theater program puts on an end of the quarter extravaganza.

The Evergreen Singers and students from the program Musical Theatre in Cultural Context put on a concert outlining the entire history of musical theatre in just 45 minutes. Last Friday at 8 p.m., the Longhouse was packed full of students and visitors to experience the fun-filled night of musical theatre, old and new. The show was directed by Marla Elliot, one of the professors for “Musical Theatre in Cultural Context”. This concert was the final performance for the two classes’ combined efforts of their work during fall quarter.

The first part of the concert had songs from varying musicals ranging from The Beggar’s Opera (1728) to Oklahoma! (1943) and Hair (1967). Later in the show, different students performed duets and small group ensemble songs. At this time, the audience was able to see individual students in the classes show off their solo talents. The students had developed characters, big voices, and a lot of spirit. The choir showed great confidence in performing varying styles of musical theatre songs. This combined with the vibrant vocals made it obvious that the students from these two Evergreen classes have been working hard this quarter to put together a full night of musical theatre throughout the ages. Elliot kept the energy of the concert up with her vibrant attitude and enthusiastic introductions to each song. From the tight harmonies to the different styles of music, the performance at the Longhouse brought together many people to enjoy a night of musical theatre.

By Hunter Paulson-Smith