Evergreen Gallery Breaks Out Big Name Artists

DSC_0717It has been over forty years since Evergreen began gathering artwork for The Evergreen State College Art Collection, over time procuring outstanding pieces by West Coast artists and nationally-recognized photographers.

Some of the most wonderful works in the collection are on display through February 6 in the Evergreen Gallery in an exhibit called “An Abstract <-> Representational Continuum.”

This free show includes some of the collection’s most breathtaking works of art, including photography, painting, collage, and ceramics, displayed side by side.

The exhibit intends to display these diverse works together in order to explore the relationship between abstraction and representation.

Included are influential Northwest artists such as Washington-natives Guy Anderson, Alden Mason, and Charles Stokes, alongside globally known artists like the iconic photographer Diane Arbus.

Her disquieting 1962 photograph Child With Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park is one of the most exciting and famous

pieces in the collection. A print of the same photo sold for more than $400,000 at auction in 2005.


Perhaps the most sensational works presented are prime examples of 1970’s modernism, such as Stokes’ organic watercolor Actual 

Size, and Mason’s brilliant pastel Peachy Keen, both from 1975. Also on display are two intriguing examples from photographer John Divola’s 1974 Vandalism series.

Another unique pieces in the exhibit are Ed Blackburn’s surreal 1976 porcelain sculptures, in particular the Peruvian Locomotive at the front of gallery.

The Evergreen Gallery is located in the entry level of the Library building near the clock tower in room 2204.

By Issac Scott | Photos by Jamie Nadel