Comedy Night Brings Up-And-Coming Comics to Campus

On April 10 the Asian Pacific Islander Coalition, Feminists In Solidarity Together (FIST), and the Generation Friends Comedy Arts Coalition came together to co- sponsor Comedy Night, a stand-up event featuring Hannah Boone, Elicia Sanchez, and Hari Kondabolu.

Boone, a current Evergreen senior, is one of the most prolific stand-ups in the Olympia area, having been featured at comedy clubs throughout the Northwest and the Los Angeles area. Sanchez, an Evergreen graduate, has been performing in the Seattle area for over three years and has performed at the Bumpershoot Music and Art Festival. The main draw for the night, though, was Mr. Kondabolu, a major up and comer in the national comedy scene.

His stand up has been featured on shows like Conan and Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel as well as his own episode of Comedy Central Presents…among other notable appearances.

Kondabolu, a Queens, N.Y. native is currently touring college campuses while working on new material.

With a progressive view on gender roles, race relations, and American politics, Kondabolu cleverly skewed subjects that are usually too painful or serious to easily lend themselves to humor. While being on the far side of 30, Kondabolu demonstrated a keen understanding of the average liberal-arts college student’s political and social beliefs without ever reaching the point of being preachy. The whole show received constant support from an enthusiastic crowd.

By David Lukashok