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Union Strike at The Evergreen State College

OLYMPIA – The Evergreen State College is at a standstill as members of the Student Support Services Staff Union (SSSSU) urge community members to join and observe the strike.  Participants are gathered at all 12 entrances to the college to block traffic and encourage passengers to join the cause or turn back.

“We want movement within the contract toward more fair labor practice,” explained exempt staff union member Erin Gray. Unlike all other unions present on campus, the SSSSU lacks recognition from administration for “Just Cause” and “Compensation” agreements. These additional articles would include job security for members, eliminating the possibility of unjust fires, as well as eligibility for overtime pay.

The largest gathering is at the main entrance before the tollbooth, with roughly 50 people chanting “On strike, shut it down, Oly is a union town” and “Can’t put students first if you put staff last.”

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Participants on the left-hand side of the road are approaching passengers with flyers and asking them to join in solidarity with their cause. “More people have driven through, but a good amount have gone and parked and joined us,” mentioned Gray. The supporters are also handing out free signs for anyone interested in joining.

“We actually really don’t want to be here right now,” said Emily Chandler, also an exempt staff union member. The SSSSU presented the articles to the Evergreen administration 16 months ago with very little progress.

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By Melkorka Licea