Posted May 30, 2013 by Cooper Point Journal in Arts & Entertainment

Artist Profile: Laura Davie

Laura Davie is a 23-year-old British born artist who now resides in the northwest, and graduates from Evergreen this spring. Her work displays versatility, as she continues to push herself to utilize new styles. She is particularly known for her tattoo art, which has been displayed in international magazines, as well as in local shops and galleries.

// How would you describe your style?

My style is definitely unique; it’s based largely on organic shapes. I like to make use of full, circular motions, fluid lines, gradients, and bold color choices.


// What are your favorite mediums to use?

I love just using ink and parchment, and I get a lot of joy from working with colored pencils. I do body painting as well. Above all, though, my real love is tattooing.


// How specifically does your work on the page and your work on the body influence one another?

When I work on the body I focus solely on the body: what muscle contours I can work with, how the skin moves, and how I can accentuate every curve. I’ve found when I’m working in the studio on a piece on the page, I am constantly looking for ways to accentuate curves and create greater depth on the paper. Likewise when I work on paper, I use gradient and shading tricks a lot, which are some of my favorite techniques to incorporate into my tattooing.


// How long have you been making art, and how has your style changed over time?

I have always been a band geek so I didn’t start making art until late in the game, as a senior in high school. My style has changed a little. I have always doodled floral, swirly designs, and now they are more refined, symmetrical, and at a much higher quality. But for the most part, my work now is more focused on different tattooing styles such as pin-up art, old school Sailor Jerry style, and some of the newer flash work, such as that being produced by the incredible artist Paul Marino.


// What do you hope to accomplish in your art?

Mostly I hope to make people happy. I especially love to tattoo memorial pieces or friendship tattoos. I know these pieces mean a lot to the client so I do my best to help give some sort of closure with the memorial pieces, stronger bonds with friendship tattoos, etc…But ultimately I hope to get my name and work out there and to be recognized.


// Do you see being an artist as a full-time career?

As a tattoo artist, yes. It is my greatest passion.


// Where around Olympia can everyone see your work?

I have artwork hung up in Tony’s Variety Smoke Shop in West Olympia for the time being. I also have work up on my Facebook, as well as the art community website Mas Sol Art. Or just take a look at some of your friends, chances are some of them are walking around with it on them as we speak!


By Patrick Stewart