Posted October 10, 2013 by Cooper Point Journal in Arts & Entertainment

Album Review: Mister Tang – Baby’s First EP

Maybe it’s the combo of Portland sewage overflow and the nuclear waste facilities upstream, but there’s definitely something in the water in Vancouver, Washington. Case and point: the pure rock n’ roll mindfuck that is Mister Tang. Their live show, as captured on their first proper release Baby’s First EP, is a brawl of overdriven instruments, first pounding beats, and beer. The most obvious comparison is with fellow Vancouverites The Shivas, who together with Mister Tang, seem to represent the only redeeming value the city has to offer. Released by Resurrection Records and the band’s own label Citrus Tapes, Baby’s First EP presents the group’s raw face-melting energy with minimal intervention. The band is young and full of unbridled energy – like kids beating pots and pans in the kitchen – but with an unmistakable rock n’ roll groove.

Get the tape at Rainy Day Records, and online at

by Issac Scott