Album Review: The Celestials – Peach Noise

Local psych rockers The Celestials show their knack for mellow indie pop on their debut full-length album Peach Noise. The quintet presents accessible, hipster-friendly fare while demonstrating the kind of inventive musicality that should put them on every music-lover’s radar. All lower-case song titles? Check. Far out existentialist lyrical content? Check. MGMT style pop melodies? Double check.

Among the first releases from the new local label 2060 Records, one could easily imagine Peach Noise popping up on the Pandora station for Phantogram, Deerhunter or Animal Collective.

In particular, the first track “ifyouwanna” is a radio-ready single, featuring subtle pop chord progression, dreamy, seductive vocals, and an on-point song structure.

Stream and download the album for donation from the band’s Bandcamp.

by Issac Scott