by Issac Scott

Iji is the project of Seattle multi-instrumentalist Zach Burba, whose idiosyncratic music is as brilliant as it is prolific. In October, Burba added another album to his catalogue, now an impressive total of eight records since 2008.

Recorded at houses in Seattle and Phoenix, UNLTD. COOL DRINKS features a rich palette of instruments that includes guitar, saxophone, various drum machines, keyboards, and percussion instruments. Burba brings his unique touch to each: tropical guitars and exuberant saxophone pair well with his quirky vocal style.

Iji exemplifies the most endearing qualities of indie – that is to say, noncommercial – music these days. It’s clear that Burba made these songs simply because he wanted to.  It’s what he loves to do, and that’s what makes his albums a joy to listen to.

After eight records – and several tours – time has only ripened Burba’s approach. I look forward to what we’ll hear next.