Weed Crosses Border: An Interview with Vancouver’s Greenest Group

by Jamie Nadel

J: How do you fit into the Vancouver music scene?

Will: We don’t. Our shows in Vancouver go really poorly usually. We’ve been booed off the stage a couple times.

J: Your new album is being released by Couple Skate. How did that come about?

W: They offered us a bit of acid and we took it together, that’s how it all started.

J: So you put out a few 7-inches, and Deserve is your first full album. What was it like recording that?

Bobby: We kind of just jammed a couple ideas when we were in the studio and came up with some stuff really quickly. And it just came together. A good friend of ours is from Seattle and he sprinkled some fresh pepper on top to, you know, mix it.

J: There’s one song called “Options.” The first line in it is “kill yourself, its better that way.” What’s that all about?

Hugo: We have a suicide pact with each other.

W: It’s kind – I don’t want to say a joke, because you don’t want to joke about that. We just got together one day and decided.

B: We don’t like talking about it too much.

W: Okay thanks we gotta go see Vexx play.