Posted December 12, 2013 by Cooper Point Journal in Arts & Entertainment

Accessories at Evergreen’s Arts and Crafts Fair

By Sara Fabian, Photos by Blaine Ewig

Who knew that Evergreen’s very own CAB building could be transformed into a grand bazaar.

On Dec. 4, local and student venders encircled the rooms on the second and third floor. Through the successful crowds of merchants and buyers, I was able to ask some of the venders a few questions in between sales.

Rainy Smalls
Etsy Store: Purple Hooks
1. Why scarves?
About five years ago, Rainey saw her aunt making crocheted blankets, was immediately entranced and took up crochet
2. Favorite Accessory?
The infinity scarf because you can wrap it around your neck or over your head


Olivia Martinez
Etsy Shop: East O The Sun
1. How she got started?
In her free time, Olivia picked up the hobby of making necklaces. At Evergreen, Olivia took a class on soldering which inspired her line of jewelry.
2. Must-have accessory?
Earrings; they’re both pretty and don’t get in the way of daily activities

T-REX student Group
1. Reasoning behind the pins?
Everybody loves Pins! They also explained to me that pins were a little way to send out a big message.


Jeni Parreno
Jeni crafted gorgeous hula hoops along with bracelets, necklaces and earrings.
1. How she got started?
At only eight years old, Jeni started using her creativity and making custom-made jewelry.
2. Favorite Accessory?
Earrings because they are so fun and versatile


Rachel & Alison
Their screenprinted shirts can be found at Don’t Stop Printing in Downtown Olympia
1. Their inspiration?
They both loved food and developed a line based on the “7 Virtues of Pizza”