Posted December 12, 2013 by Cooper Point Journal in Arts & Entertainment

Make It Work: An Easy Guide to Fashion Accessories

By Sara Fabian

Accessories may play a supporting role in the grand scheme of an outfit, but they play an important role in fashion and they are often used to express one’s individuality. Accessories further emphasize personal style, taste, and preferences. They also present endless opportunities for outfits, helping you make the best of each and every item you own. Clothing may take up more physical space in your closet and outfit, but accessories are the important details needed to complete each look. An accessory can be a bag, a pair of funky earrings, a hula hoop (you know what I’m talking about, Greeners), or a cozy beanie…the list goes on.

Your imagination is the limit, and it is these endless possibilities that make us so obsessed with accessories. Most of us would have those times when we don’t feel like putting too much thought into our attire for the day, but don’t want to appear sloppy or plain jane-ish.

Feel free to test new territories of your fashion psyche

This is when accessories come to our rescue. We can choose to layer on necklaces or bring along a statement bag (eg. bright colors/patterns or a bag decked out in pins) for that panache to your ensemble. There are no hard and fast rules as to what you can do with your accessories so feel free to test new territories of your fashion psyche.

Fashion accessories are divided into two categories; those we wear and those we carry. If you decide to allocate part of your fashion budget towards accessories, heed this advice: diversify. Sometimes, small pieces make BIG statements. While some may love wearing bling (like me) – we often find comfort in the small, chic, staple pieces that we can wear almost daily. Generally, it is best to have some staples that will complement the statement piece when you need layering. You can also consider getting accessories that highly contrast your outfit for an interesting look, e.g. studs, gold and harsh tones with an outfit that is color-neutral, funky bracelets, beaded hair, or necklaces with something more demure.

If you are not yet up to being adventurous with your outfit, playing around with your accessories is the best way to go. For example, let’s take a really basic outfit: a white button up shirt and a pair of fitted, straight legged jeans in a dark denim wash. Using accessories and only accessories, you can take this standard outfit through three different occasions: daytime, work related, and evening.

The beauty of accessories is that they’re relatively inexpensive. In addition, the cheap vintage finds are not only rare, but a locket for example, can tell a story and give your look some nostalgic value. For those on a tight budget, you can buy several pieces for the great local stores and vendors in Olympia, and not break the bank! We have such great treasures, like Psychic Sister, Dumpster Values, Goodwill, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and many more. The only trick is just finding the right pieces and not cluttering your closet. You have to be smart about your choices, because let’s face it, we have all had a case of buyer’s remorse at least once in our lifetime. The trick is to pick the classic pieces that will withstand time and fit your uniqueness, not the trends that come and go.