Posted January 17, 2014 by Cooper Point Journal in Campus Life

Take Some, Leave Some

By Ray Still
The philosophy of The Evergreen State College’s Free Store – take something, leave something – is meant to inspire Greeners to share and reuse their clothes, utensils, books, and even electronics.
The Free Store reopened this year on Jan. 9, after being closed since spring quarter last year. It was closed due to a lack of officers in the Greener Organization (GO), a student group dedicated to organizing campus events and activities.
“Through the generous donation made by the [recreation center], we were able to get clothes ready for all these people,” said Kevin Schilling, the vice president of internal affairs and timekeeper of the Free Store. The recreation center donated over two years worth of lost-and-found clothing to the Free Store for its reopening.Free-Store-2_web Many students were shoulder-to-shoulder in the store, perusing through clothes and books, while others dropped in to donate their clothes to support the store. One student was even able to scurry away with a television after the crowd started to disperse.
“I didn’t just want to throw stuff away,” said first-year student Caitlyn Beatty, who donated several articles of clothing and some shoes and picked up a pair of boots for herself. “I wanted to give it to other people who could use it.”
Schilling hopes to keep the Free Store open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday. Students wanting to volunteer with the Free Store or with GO can email them at or stop by their office on the second floor of A Dorm, behind the elevators.