It’s Always Cloudy in Olympia

Netflix Shows and their Comfy Counterparts

As the unofficial college uniform, loungewear is a universal piece of our academic and personal experience. Clothes for comfort are perfect for hanging out in your room, walking around your building, studying, or even sleeping. For good reason, Olympia doesn’t go on hiatus between New Year’s Eve and the-moment-you-realize-you-don’t-need-a-poncho (March, with any luck).

Despite grey mornings, you’ve still got to pull something together. Just because you’re held up in your room cramming for midterms (or, at least, that’s what we’re telling mom, right?) doesn’t mean you’re a lazy slob.

In fact, those rainy days are best when spent in your room, catching up on homework, drinking copious amounts of coffee, hot cocoa (you name it!), and scrolling through your netflix queue.  As an expert in this type of living, I thought it best to pair Netflix shows with a comfortable piece of loungewear.

These rainy months during winter and spring  are a time to reflect on and participate in family, food, and chilling out, so why not spend your time in something comfortable?

So, have you done the “Netflix thing?” Then before you can “Say Anything,” or fall for any of those “Pretty in Pink” pjs, or start daydreaming about “Midnight in Paris,” I want you to think about your perfect wet weather day.

First up – you’ve jumped through the grey hoops required to get a Netflix account. Two, your phone has predicted rain, rain, and more rain. Three, the fridge is stocked with all sorts of munchies. Four, you’ve narrowed down your selection of favorite shows to your top three.

Now look down. What are you wearing? We spend more time dressed down than we’d like to admit, but c’mon, can you imagine how silly we’d look sitting on the couch with our laptops, in sky-high heels and nightlife wear?

Giving a cold shoulder to winter’s chill is all the more glamorous when you look and feel comfortable doing it. Start with laid-back options. Need a TV show to kill some time or help you procrastinate tonight from that thing you really, really want to put off?

You could do worse than wasting your night away with these shows, but I don’t promise you won’t get pulled in. With Breaking Bad and Parks and Recreation on this list, I could never keep that promise.

Here lies a list of seven shows available on Netflix, paired with a dazzle of comforting garments:

30 Rock

Tina Fey’s screwball comedy had two great seasons and five uneven ones, but even when the show gets rough you always have classics like “Anna Howard Shaw Day” to get you through, and a lead character who stands as one of TV’s all-time-great heroines. The awkwardness of the onesie would be a perfect match to accompany the awkward humor that is Tina Fey.

Parks and Recreationfashionparks-and-rec1

Greg Daniels’ Parks and Recreation is an absolute gem of an ensemble comedy, a satirical mockumentary that believes in the power of government and the human spirit. If you let it, Parks just might restore your faith in people — or just possibly turn you into a libertarian due to the epic Ron Swanson. Get ready to LOL and grab copious amounts of bacon. For this, I suggest an oversized shirt and comfortable exercise bottoms of your choice, since you may be away from society for a while, only appearing for the occasional bathroom and food break.


Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy) Scandal is TV’s newest sensation for one big reason: Kerry Washington. The Emmys owe her one for her role as her performance as Olivia Pope in a show that goes big every single week and consistently knocks it out of the park. She plays a powerful lead helping all sorts of politicians keep their dirty little secrets away from the public. Don’t worry, Olivia Pope has a few of her own that won’t remain hidden for long. Olivia is best known for her effortlessly chic outfits paired with copious amounts of popcorn and wine; thus anything white and satin would be ideal. A classic go-to would be a PJ set, maybe even the classic Hugh Hefner robe.

Breaking Bad

I don’t care that it’s over. You know you should watch this show.Fashionbreaking-bad Breaking Bad deals with the inner-workings of the drug world mixed with some science too; one of the best in the history of TV. A staple must-have for binge watching… Jesse fancies himself a gangster in the early seasons, and gravitates towards baggy pants, beanies, and oversized Ed Hardy-esque jackets and shirts. In addition- before Walter’s hazmat suits go on, the pants come off. It’s hard to forget those moments when Walter gets down to business–and down to his tighty whities, most notably in the pilot episode. So I suggest to morph these two character fashions together and put on your tightest tighty whities and a beanie with an oversized shirt.

Doctor Whofashiondr-who

The long-running BBC series is one of the most significant successes in TV history, a ferociously entertaining space-time jumping soap that keeps coming back, just like its titular Doctor. Since there are many seasons, many doctors (David Tennant is a fav) a mixed matched look will elevate both your comfort and the Doctor’s grandiose stories. Pairing basic sweatpants with a cable knit sweater is a winning combination. Also, to give this look a bit of history, I would suggest playing with socks; ones with dinosaurs on them for example. I have a solid pair with a sheriff’s badges on each foot accompanied by spurs.

fashionorangeOrange is the new Black

OITNB surpasses Jenji Kohan’s Weeds in every possible way, an ensemble prison-comedy drama that just gets better as it goes along. Kohan’s shows are like good wine, only getting richer with time. A long-sleeve top and matching long johns is the most dressed up you need to be during such a marathon. Wearing them together at home will provide such comfort that being on house arrest won’t seem like punishment.Fashion-photo,-the-office

The Office

    Whether it’s Ricky Gervais’ acidic British original or Steve Carell’s American update, you can’t go wrong with this show; a program so stupendously great that it seems to translate to every country. After all, work sucks everywhere. To complete this comedic wonderment, a “Risky Business” attitude would make for a great time. Breaking it down, wear a pair of long thick socks, with an oversized, button-down shirt. Pants optional.