Posted September 21, 2014 by Cooper Point Journal in Arts & Entertainment

Best New Music: Globelamp – “Star Dust”



Globelamp is the solo project of Elizabeth Le Fey, and this psychedelic witch-folk princess means business. The California transplant has already proven that her musical aptitude is more than worthy of our attention. With previous projects including Olympia’s Meowtain and Los Angeles-based group Foxygen, Le Fey is an example of a musician whose stellar work ethic has clearly paid off. It’s nearly impossible to go to an Olympia show without hearing her music because she seems to be playing everywhere, all the time.

Globelamp’s songs are stories in themselves and Star Dust, her most recent full-length release, is the dreamy, unpredictable Neverland-meets-Wonderland universe in which they take place. Her lo-fi stylings create a blissful yet disorienting atmosphere complete with tambourines, emphasized snare drums, and ambient background noise. Le Fey’s voice is assertive and sure of itself. She tells her stories like a lyrical orator, not convincing, but rather commanding listeners to take even her most outlandish assertions as fact.

Star Dust was made with contributions by some of Olympia’s finest, among them many ‘greeners. However, it is clear that Le Fey is the star of the show, and Star Dust is her sunny, but still haunting stage.