Best New Music: Slouch – “Sick Man Demo”



Slouch is classic hardcore punk; loud, fast, and sometimes startling. They take their breakdowns seriously, and their live performance is just as explosive as their recorded one. However, diverting from classic hardcore motifs and as a self identified “queer hardcore punk band,” Slouch’s lyrics deal with a range of topics that do not adhere to hadcore’s typical, often times oppressively masculine themes.

The Sick Man Demo beings with a slow, ominous bass line. As distorted feedback nudges its way in, the song is caught up into a slow whirlwind of low, angst-ridden screams. Throughout the song, the drums get faster and faster until the track’s abrupt end. The rest of the album follows suit, mixing tempo changes and deep, visceral yells.

Slouch’s composition isn’t the most inventive, but it sounds intentional. The band sticks to punk themes, and executes them with precision. Their lyrics are aggressive and attacking, asking questions like “You really think you’re doing something?” and imploring “Well, what the fuck do you do?” while instruments provide a punching delivery.

Slouch presents a sound that is dreary, angry, and incredibly loud — all qualities demonstrative of Olympia’s punk scene. It’s the kind of music that your parents probably hate for all the same reasons you love. With songs titles like “ACAB” (an acronym for the classic slogan “All Cops Are Bastards”)  and “Trust No One” they establish a disregard for authority and a classic punk attitude.