Posted October 11, 2014 by Cooper Point Journal in Arts & Entertainment

Street Style: Fall Arts Walk Edition

Words By Sara Fabian

Photos By Blaine Ewig

Autumn is here at last. The air is clean and crisp. Green spring leaves have turned hues of gold and red. Coffee shops open their doors to hoards of people, their crowded ambience reflects the jubilations of students’ return from their summer vacation. Punctuating this is return was the annual Fall Arts Walk. The medley of weather and entertainment sewed together an inspiring collection of style in the streets of Olympia. Commonly known for weathered boots, clouds, and coffee, the event displayed Olympia uncommonly filled with color. Purple tights paired with violet shoes, black and white, and colorblocking all over, and with winter soon on the horizon, I don’t know how long the playful nature of color choices will last. Still, though, I was grateful for the excitement filling the night air.

Oly street style is hard to describe. It’s even harder to pinpoint. The city’s style oscillates between simple and all-the-way eccentric. Dr. Martens are always in, vintage is on the forefront, black is a primary color, and garments with stains and holes are a common nicety. But during Arts Walk, I saw couples, friends, and many lone wanderers using their sense of self as stylistic inspiration. High fashion and profound individual style were found on every block, in every crevice. During Arts Walk, the many facets of Oly style were on full and vibrant display.

Amongst the live music and crowds of animated people, a gem that shone throughout Arts Walk was its diversity of fashion. I adored walking the streets and being bombarded with all the people, their characters, and their style. Olympia, a progressive town in itself, illuminates its style through an untamed lens. Being polished is something one does as they please. It is not a necessity.

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