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Arts & Culture Picks for Jan. 17 – Jan. 23

Saturday, Jan. 17


Vancouver BC’s Sprïng play Quality Fest, Saturday 1/17.

Quality Fest Hosted at the Midnight Sun, Quality Fest brings together an array of indie bands from around the Pacific Northwest. With 11 bands on the roster ranging from the folk-country of Albatross to the electronic sounds of local artist Jean Nagai’s project Chrome Windows, the festival’s genre diversersity should have something for everyone. All of the band performing are of pretty high caliber and skill, but checking out Sprïng, Pines, and Rubix Shoes is highly recommended.  The Midnight Sun, 113 N Columbia St. 4 p.m – 1 a.m. $7 / $5 Student. ALL AGES – BE

Naomi Punk European Tour Kickoff Show w/ Nudes and CC Dust Naomi Punk will be kicking off their next tour at Obsidian, bidding their hometown a temporary adieu to travel across the Atlantic. Self-described “death rock” group Transfix and the dark, ethereal pop duo CC Dust will be sending them off. If you’re into simply-but-beautifully constructed, nuanced music, this is the show for you. Obsidian, 414 4th Ave E. 10 p.m. $5-7. ALL AGES – BE

Wednesday, Jan. 21

Hooded Fang w/ No Body and Guaranteed Whales Toronto’s Hooded Fang may count among a vanguard of Canadian indie rock royalty, but their demeanor comes off as friends happily making catchy garage rock in a basement somewhere. Before the legendary Modest Mouse-via-The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr got sick and cancelled his tour, Hooded Fang were slated to open for him on the West Coast last month. Undeterred, the quartet immediately booked their own tour, including this first-time-ever stop in Olympia. Sonically, the quartet picks up where fellow-Canadians The Hot Hot Heat and Wolf Parade left off, with equal pop acuity and extra maple syrup. Deadbeat Olympia, 226 N Division St. 8 p.m. $5 donation. ALL AGES – IS

Thursday, Jan. 22

Globelamp, Hex Appeal, Geography Globelamp’s witchy indie-folk is endearing and catchy, and frontwoman Elizabeth le Fey has an undeniable star-power. Hex Appeal, from Bellingham, offers up some seriously danceable synth-driven songs reminiscent of early Le Tigre. Their bandcamp describes them as a “temper tantrum fueled dance party,” which is a pretty spot-on description. The lyrically-driven acoustic stylings of Chelsea Weber-Smith and Olympia’s own Geography will start off the night at 8pm. Deadbeat usually starts their shows promptly, so get there on time. Deadbeat Olympia, 226 N Division St. 8 p.m. FREE. ALL AGES. – BE

Friday, Jan. 23

Strange Wilds Album Release w/ Nudes, Vexx and Slouch Seattle punk band Nudes are back in the game after a short break from shows. Their high-energy, chaotic compositions are sure to make make for a great show. Locals Strange Wilds will be releasing new tunes on Sub Pop. If you haven’t seen Vexx or Slouch yet, you’re way late to the game. But don’t fret—all of these bands will be participating in a night of high-quality pizza and punk rock. What more could you ask for? Old School Pizzeria, 108 Franklin St NE. 11 p.m. $5. ALL AGES – BE