Posted January 21, 2015 by Cooper Point Journal in Community

Ben Rosen Introduces Qigong to Olympia

By Kathryn L. Herron

Qigong is a Chinese art form dating over 4,000 years that serves as a practice of regulating one’s body, mind, and health for meditative and medical purposes. Qigong taps into qi, the Chinese concept of life energy which is said to underlie all things. Through the practice of qigong, one learns to cultivate and develop their own qi, which can lead to improved health and self awareness. Ben Rosen has been studying qigong for five years and will soon be hosting his own qigong classes in downtown Olympia.

Rosen discovered qigong by chance while watching an episode of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not.” The qigong master featured in the episode happened to live just a few blocks away from Rosen, who sought him out and began to train with him. Through his tutelage, Rosen was introduced to the world of qi and gained a new perspective on life.

Rosen found the style too static and restrictive for his tastes and began seeking out other forms of qigong. His passion for qigong continued and only grew stronger when he met up with a qigong master named Michael Lomax. “It was the most powerful qigong I had ever experienced, and I immediately knew I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to it,” said Rosen.

Along with being a great form of meditation and exercise, qigong also does wonderful things for your health, of which Rosen has benefited greatly. “I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Qigong has been an invaluable form of therapy for my health and well-being. It has allowed me to cope in a very manageable way.”

The type of qigong that Lomax teaches is a healing tradition. Rosen is currently in a Medical Qigong programs where is learning to heal others with qigong. His goal is to create a Medical Qigong clinic utilizing these ancient healing modalities in helping others.

Qigong originated with ancient Taoists who viewed everything in nature as being in flow with the universe. According to Rosen, “Many forms of qigong are based upon forms and postures found in nature such as trees or animals.” It was the Taoist view that by copying nature, human beings can return to the natural order of things. Rosen incorporates this into his brand of qigong, known as the Gift of the Tao.

“I like to think of qigong as aligning a radio antenna. You shape a radio antenna and twist it in different ways to get a better signal in the same way you can shape and form your body to natural patterns of energy.”

Rosen says that qigong is a never ending practice that will bring you to higher levels of energy and self awareness. “Qigong is a very transformative practice. It opens you up to a whole new dimension of reality. I believe it’s the most rewarding and life changing practice that a person can do.” Rosen believes that the experience of qigong transcends words. Practice is the only way one can gain a true understanding of this ancient art form.

Rosen’s classes will start on the first Wednesday of February. He will be giving eight classes a month for $55, with a discounted price of $35 for students. Classes will be held every Wednesday and Friday evening. Interested in getting a sneak peek? Rosen will be hosting a free workshop hosted by Common Bread on campus on Jan. 22 in the Longhouse at 5:30 p.m.

Students interested in more information are encouraged to visit Rosen’s website.