Posted January 31, 2015 by Cooper Point Journal in Arts & Entertainment

Joel Skavdahl

Artist Statement

In second grade my friend John would give drawing lessons and I guess this was when I first became interested in art.  I really looked up to him and initially tried to draw like him but soon enough I was doing my own thing.  I’ve been concentrating on drawing ever since. I’ve dabbled here and there with other things, painting and ceramics, but find most my joy in the simple idea of pen on paper.  That being said I have also become really interested in photo this past year.  The photo on the cover was taken for a photo class I had with Hugh Lentz that I really liked.  We shot using large format cameras.  To make this particular picture I shot in the Evergreen studios with colored lights on simple white objects.  There isn’t an overt narrative or message in these photos.  I think of them as being more meditative, just an exercise in the excitement of color. (You can check out more of my work at

PinkSlip CoverBlank