Posted April 10, 2015 by Cooper Point Journal in Arts & Entertainment

Best Bets

April 9-22


Friday, April 10th @ The Longhouse $0-10

Comedy Night with Aamer Rahman

As part of Day of Presence, Aamer Rahman, an Australian comic of Bangladeshi descent is performing at Evergreen. He is best know as a former member of the comedy duo Fear of a Brown Planet, and a widely shared video in which he jokes about reverse racism. Rahman is now touring the US and Canada with his solo comedy act. Evergreen students Khadija Hassan and Abraham Tadesse will be opening up for him. Tickets are free for Evergreen students if you reserve one ahead of time in the Greener Store, or $10 at the door although it may sell out.


Friday, April 10th and 11th @ Center for Creative & Applied Media (CCAM) 7 p.m.

You Are Live

You Are Live is a live-studio-sitcom being put on by Evergreen’s own media interns. The show will take a look at surveillance and culture and voyeurism. Though often-comedic, the show takes a look at some serious, culturally prevalent themes. By attending the showing, audience members automatically authorize the use of their image in a final product which You Are Live’s blog states “will not be sold for profit, but may be made public on the internet.”


Thursday, April 16th @ Obsidian 10pm $3-7 Suggested

Friction: ABOVE and BELOW

Olympia’s newest monthly dance party is happening again! While this is just the fifth installment of Friction, it is already much beloved and very well attended. This month’s theme Above and Below is described only with the words: “From the astral plane to the underworld, people. Set your intentions now. Let’s get weird.” Most attendees dress up in on theme party looks, so you might want to start thinking about an outfit, especially since organizers always set up a photo booth complete with props and backgrounds so your Facebook friends can see how much fun you’re having without them. The DJs rotate, but Friction promises great top 40 and pop jams so get ready to grind with your crush and sing along to some T Swift. This month’s donations will be going to the Free Cascadia Witch camp a “a week-long intensive that explores Reclaiming-inspired magic, ritual, and activism for all levels of experience, while creating and tending culture centered around weaving collective magic to aid and support each other and the earth” held in Oregon every summer.


April 21st @ Dumpster Values 8pm $5-7 Suggested

Börn, G.L.O.S.S., Pines, Slouch

Börn, hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland, is beginning their U.S. tour with a show in Olympia. They make post-punk with haunting vocals a la Souixsie Sioux that manage to convey a sincerity and earnestness that transcends linguistic barriers. You probably already know and love G.L.O.S.S. or have at least seen their stickers on nearly every lamp-post in Olympia. Their abrasive hardcore sound and aggressive yet empowering lyrics that tackle issues of queerness and femininity have already won them widespread popularity since they released their demo in January. The page for this event say it will be the “first G.L.O.S.S. show in a little while and the last in a little while” so whether you’re a fan or have yet to witness the magic I wouldn’t miss this. Another fairly new band, Pines, brings a sweeter, poppier, punk sound with infectious lyrics that will make you want to sing along, hug your friends, and maybe cry a little. Oly hardcore band Slouch will also be playing.