Posted September 23, 2015 by Cooper Point Journal in Arts & Entertainment

O Week Horoscopes:

For September 23—October 7

By Y Lowy



Aries (3/21—4/19)

Autumn is coming and you’ve been waiting for it. You remember the trees, the crunch of fallen leaves. You remember and you’ve want it for so long… Aries, turn off your computer. Sometimes you wait so earnestly for something, you don’t notice when it arrives. This week is not about waiting. This week is about noticing how things have been changing, noticing so carefully you forgot not to change too.  


Taurus (4/20—5/20)

You know those days where you walk around feeling trapped inside your skin? As if every interaction you have is static and endlessly predictable? Buddy, it’s a new year. You’ve grown wider and more complicated than you’ve let yourself show. Let it show! Let yourself melt and stretch and grow as confused as you can. Something really important is waiting to be let into your life. Open some windows! Get vulnerable.


Gemini (5/21—6/20)

You’re on an icy mountain and wind is everywhere. You’re holding a sword. You don’t know if you’re safe or alone. You’ve been dreaming of eyes on the back of your head. Gemini, the beginnings and ends of battles hover in that wavering, liminal space you’ve been living in, and it’s exhausting. Even if the fight’s not confidently over, let it be over. You’ve been a skilled and calculated warrior, but that’s not all you are. Take your armor off.  Drop your sword.


Cancer (6/21—7/22)

This is it, Cancer! You’re ready. Your pencils are sharp, your bookspines sit unbroken. Summer has been a slow, hot incubation, and now you’re unshelled, standing tall. You’re where you want to be. Your mind is clear and sharp and open. Go on, scholar! Take lots of notes, talk to your professor after class. There is so much you get to learn.


Leo (7/23—8/22)

The problem with hedonism is that pleasure loses itself without comparison. Which is to say, you’ve been eating chocolate cake for every meal. Which is to say, stop! Seek out the pleasure of a long, hard book, or running until you can’t anymore, or cleaning your room. Notice when delaying gratification feels good in itself, and notice when it’s time again to eat chocolate cake and watch Netflix all day.


Virgo (8/23—9/22)

Oh, buddy. You’re experiencing now, for maybe the first time, the shadow side of what great love and closeness leave behind. The darkest rooms feel even darker these days, the brightest smiles too leery and bright. This is truly a lesson in patience, a lesson in waiting for your eyes to adjust. You’re healing now, and sometimes that process feels slower than it is. Be gentle with yourself, Virgo.


Libra (9/23—10/22)

As your birthday has been approaching, interesting things have been happening in you, Libra. Life, despite itself, almost makes sense, in its strange and transitory way.  This week is an analytical one; a week for you to think logically about the mechanics of your actions, the effects you’re after and the paths you should take to reach them. Therefore, this is also a week to think reflectively. Remember where this year brought you. Consider where you want to go.


Scorpio (10/23—11/21)

You might feel very lucky this week. Maybe the stars are aligning or maybe you’ve been waiting for a very long time, but what you’ve wanted and worked for is happening! Right now! Now your only job is to enjoy it. Don’t think about afterwards, don’t dwell on shame or insecurity. Let your tired, animal body taste its long sought sweetness and enjoy.


Sagittarius (11/22—12/21)

This week, you may feel like a tall brick wall is between you and your art. Remember: you are more than your talents. Or rather, they wouldn’t exist without you, and they’re not going anywhere. It’s not always the time to be creating, and remember to let yourself be guided by experience, not the art that follows. So go running in the rain, or sit alone in a shut room in silence. Find the you inside of your art.


Capricorn (12/22—1/19)

You may find yourself lost in a wet, thick fog this week. It makes sense; you’ve been working on so many projects for so long, you forgot about yourself! Suddenly, you fell into a grayscape of dissociated stagnation, maybe your body gave out, or your emotional compass. Capricorn, it’s easier to get strong than you’d think. You know how to make things happen. So make some tea. Clear your schedule for the next week. Breathe.  


Aquarius (1/20—2/18)

Imagine a ladder so tall you can’t see the end of it. Notice how firmly it balances in the soft soil. Notice your own feet in the earth. Remember what grounds you and who you can fall back on, and climb. This is the beginning of a very big year, and you’re ready.  You may not be able to see the top of the ladder, but remember this: you will always be able to see your hands and feet as they climb.


Pisces (2/19—3/20)

You’ve been needing change for a long time, and it’s here. Your cycles aren’t starting over, they’ve finished. You’ve shed your bruised old skin, it’s no longer a part of you. Don’t be scared, life is starting to feel really new again and that’s a good thing. Clean out your closet, let go of the toxic people in your life no matter how hard it is. A new chapter is beginning and you’re here and so ready for it.