Posted October 7, 2015 by Cooper Point Journal in Community

Street Style

Fall Arts Walk

By Sara Fabian

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Fall Arts Walk is one of the biggest events in Olympia’s social calendar. The two day event circulates at the epicenter of Thurston county: downtown Olympia. While the event may be overwhelming  to some, I quite enjoy the large vibrant crowds of families, friends, and packs of high schoolers who roam in and out of stores, galleries and venues open to the public. Olympia becomes a living, walking piece of art and it’s culture comes to life.

How does this relate to fashion? Well, as I mention in my articles, art, fashion and culture are one in the same: all interwoven to create a personal experience that expresses the autonomous individual in the realm of six billion.

As both a writer and someone who deeply appreciates self expression, I strive to represent Olympia style as accurately and honestly as possible. Unlike many bloggers and fashion writers in big named magazines, I don’t care to take a superficial subject, and declare it “trendy” in hopes that you will one day buy the item and dress like person “x.”  I don’t strategically craft my photos or product place articles of clothing. My hope in writing this fashion column is to have the people of Olympia actively and knowingly participate in the city’s unique culture. Arts walk is the perfect, experience to capture what Olympia is all about. Often seen as a prestigious state Capitol, Olympia truly is a close-knit community that values at its core a person’s right to self expression.

Meandering and observing the joyous congregation of smiles and laughter, I sifted out some Olympia fashion inspiration. From couples to students and independent wanderers, each using colors, comfort and creativity to assemble something magical. The ways in which these amazing people crafted an outfit, whether aware of how fun or not, give their outfit life. The patterned tights, funky shoes, shades of black and fun touches of plaid are what makes my job as an observer so enjoyable.

The purpose of street style is to essentially showcase the way in which people are able to literally wear their heart on their sleeves. The act, mixing second hand items with current or name brand pieces, on-looker learn to judge fashionability with personality and not just the curated look. Street style cannot be simplified into being just the mix and match of an individual’s clothing. The significance of capturing photos during arts walk is at the core of what street style should truly represent: the documentation of style. This is essential in keeping the integrity of the way people dress and adorn themselves. It is an art in and of itself, a direct reflection of culture at a current point in time. It should not matter a person’s social standing, economic status, or fashion knowledge. That is what style is about. This is what Olympia is about.