By Y Lowy

ARIES 3/21 – 4/19

In the spirit of Halloween, you may discover some double faces this week. Some- one might be spreading nasty gossip behind your back. Remember, Aries, that though this may feel shitty, the worst is already, instantly over. You know, now. And besides, everyone already knows what a cool fun guy you are. Don’t let any malicious gossip ruin your mood, you’re way too chill and great for that.

TAURUS 4/20 – 5/20

Though the quarter is rushing ever forward, this week may feel strange and slow; you’ll find yourself dripping slow and syrupy while everyone around you rushes in chaos. This is a good thing! Only you are giving yourself the time to notice a leaf fall from a tree, only you are watching the kettle boil. Just try not to get too behind on your homework during your week of undifferentiating awe.

GEMINI 5/21 – 6/20

The motto of this week is LET IT GO. Seriously, change is coming and it doesn’t serve you to hide from it. When you plant yourself in an idealized past, you lose your mobility and inhibit your access to all the life coming up! This is the time to ask yourself, what am I afraid of? What ideas about the present do I need to shed so that I can experience it in full again?

CANCER 6/21 – 7/22

Cancer, what happened? Did you forget that you are a sweet, social animal that needs love and affection? Why are you in self-induced exile? Did you make a hor- rible mistake, or inversely, did your friends? You have many responsibilities in this life, but to punish is not one of them. Forgive, Cancer, you need and deserve so much love.

LEO 7/23 – 8/22

This week, it’s so important to remember how incredible you are. Your crush might not see you as the babe that you are, and honestly, they don’t deserve you anyway. Your theme for this week is self-care, so go all out! Be your own boy- friend—make some really great food, take a bath, and remember: it’s not you, it’s them.

VIRGO 8/23 – 9/22

Whatever you have to do this week, you’re going to rock it. You’ve been working really hard, and people are going to start noticing! Maybe you’ll ace that exam coming up, or finally learn that new riff on guitar, but whatever it is, it’s well earned. Just remember to enjoy the process as well as the product, you’re spend- ing way too much time working hard to forget that.

LIBRA 9/23 – 10/22

If you find yourself confused about what in this world you relate to, look at the moon. This week is about magic. This week is about uncoiling, about light and dark and geometric forms. Stock up on what you may need; be it candles, crystals, your witchiest friends… This is your time to redefine reality so it encompasses all the mystery and all the hidden paths in the forest you’re walking into.

SCORPIO 10/23 – 11/21

This is your week, Scorpio! With your birthday coming up and all the love and self-reflection that comes with it, this is exactly the time to remake your life into exactly what you want it to be. So do it! Let this be the year where you finally delete your tumblr, or start taking aerial lessons. Revel in the fluid possibilities of who you can become.

SAGITTARIUS 11/22 – 12/21

Maybe it’s all the rain or something a little more personal, but this week, you might look up at the sky and feel like crying right along with it. Whatever chang- ing and processing you’re having to do this week doesn’t have to isolate or con- sume you. Resist your urge to be entirely overtaken by sadness, there’s just too much goodness and beauty in your life to be ignored.

CAPRICORN 12/22 – 1/19

Put on your armor, Capricorn. Whoever you’ve intuitively been weary about is probably going to show you why this week. This is fine—you’re very good at knowing who to trust and who not to, and for better or worse, people don’t catch you off-guard very often. Right now that’s for the better, but in the coming weeks, make sure you don’t forget to let yourself feel safety in softness too.

AQAURIUS 1/20 – 2/18

An uncharacteristic problem will emerge for you this week: you’ve been too logi- cal. You’ve let matters of your heart and gut be addressed through your mind, and consequently, things aren’t really working for you. This is the time to critically and holistically redefine what the “right” decisions are for you. Remember what you’ve always known: nothing is ever as clear as it seems.

PISCES 2/19 – 3/20

The world will be flipped upside down for you this week. Ground will become sky. Fire will turn into water. Some discovery you’ll make will break the structures you’ve been trapped inside of, and you with all your mutable wateriness, will emerge clean and with new and different purposes than you had before. Don’t be scared, Pisces. This is exactly what you’ve needed.