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Wasted Advice

Who is the bravest person you know?


tell me about the kardashians? do you keep up?

lemme tell u somethin about tha kardashinas. now i won’t lie. i kept up, i kept THE FUCK UP GURL. I did, i rlly did. But lemme tell u kanye got some racist ass motherfuckers on his hands. why the fuck. WHY

how and what would you say to a person you have hurt/betrayed?

lmao i ain’t betrayed nobody. i’m gr8 and everyone deserves a friend like me. If i betrayed somebody i’d be like ‘srryyyyyyyyyy’ lol idgaf about anyone who hates me. And u shouldn’t either.

I really like a person. they are so kind and sweet. I haven’t seen them in ages and I’m going to visit them soon. I’m afraid and sad that it’s going to be so great and wonderful but it will only be for one night. idk what will happen next. how do I get thru this?

this doesn’t even sound like a fucking issue to me like??? Just have a great time. Feel good. feel all tha love n warmth and stuff in tha air. breathe it in, soak it in ur flesh n blood. GET it ON, put on some Prince. like DOO IT. let’s goooo. And like, even if it’s for one day, that memory will be in ur brain forever. sounds eternal and beautiful 2 me. ily

what are three quotes evergreeners say most often?

“its 2015 and i still listen to mac demarco”

“I am NOT racist, these WHITE DREADS are VALID”

“foucault? foucault! FOUCAULT”

how does one go about feeling sexy on Halloween when confronted with slut shamerz?

ok u just gotta like gotta be who u wanna be and follow ur dreams. ur better than them. hang out with cool pretty gurls and be bad and cool together. fuckin roll with a gang of sluts n be so hot everyone’s eyes burn from the burn of ur hotness and they die and become ghosts and haunt children for halloween. ur sluttiness is essential 4 the existence of ghosts.