Posted November 21, 2015 by Cooper Point Journal in Wasted Advice

Wasted Advice

Week Eight

What do u think of this fucked up cold weather we’ve been having?
I love cold weather, it’s not even cold yet wait till it gets like……………………………..winter.

Why is it that we are always looking for waldo? Who is waldo why is waldo and where is waldo?
I’m fucking waldo bitch surprise!

why do you call a building a building when it is already built?
I don’t fucking know ask Jesus

like what even is punk?
well like Nirvana

i have a bunch of parking tickets i haven’t paid, what should i do?
Pay them duhhhhh!

pick up line halp i’m s0000 $hy
are your pants on sale? cause they’re 100% off at my house.

What do you think of the man bun?
man bun fucking stupid

Would you rather wear clown make up the rest of your life or shave your eyebrows?
Shave my eyebrows I have fucked up eyebrows and I hate clowns.