Stuff To Do

By Sarah Bradley & Sara Fabian


Oh, Rose, DUZZ, Jo Passed, Thunderwerld

523 Stoll Rd SE. 8pm. Donation.

This sweet house show is happening inside a barn on the far east side of Olympia. Full disclosure: one of our employees lives there but wasn’t part of organizing this show. It’s gonna be a real party and will warm you up out of your winter blues. Local favorites Oh, Rose are playing, and if you haven’t checked them out yet you should. They’re known for their dreamy and unexpected sets that get the whole crowd dancing. Hyper-local band DUZZ, (the drummer lives here) plays technically complicated shit in whacky time signatures, and does it real loud and hard. Jo Passed is on tour from Vancouver, BC. Their music is described on the facebook event as “swooning grooving dreamy melodies with guitar lines that melt faces, and vocal lines that melt hearts”. Wow! Rounding out the set is Thunderwerld. Another local favorite, Thunderwerld plays lo-fi electronic music that will get your feet moving. Often Thunderwerld sets often include visual elements. Come out for a good time, but remember that people live here so be respectful! This show is going to be a lot of fun. It’s in a beautiful house that is conveniently located close to dairy queen (and a 711!) so bring your crush, get some ice cream, and dance the night away.


Diary Disclosure #2

Obsidian. 7pm. $7. All Ages.

Diary Disclosure is coming back to Obsidian for a second time. Diary Disclosure is a stage-event that highlights regular people reading old diaries. This event gives fully grown adults an opportunity to publicly embarrass themselves for our entertainment! The diary readings may be funny, sad, gross, awkward, but all of them will be real. Those brave enough to read sign up in advance. If you are interested in reading, check out the Diary Disclosure page on facebook, for all the details. The first time Diary Disclosure happened at Obsidian, tickets sold out at the door, so be sure to get there on time if you want to get in. Tickets go on sale at 6:30 p.m. on the night of the event, doors to the back room open at 7 p.m. and the show will start promptly at 7:30. Check out this event to make you feel a little better about your own awkward childhood and commiserate or rejoice about being grown-ups with grown-up problems instead of pimple-faced teens! The funds raised at the door of this event will go to benefit Community Youth Services.


Women’s Comedy Open Mic

Ben Moore’s. 7:30pm. $5. All Ages.

Check out the first ever “Women’s Comedy Open Mic” at Ben Moore’s restaurant. This event aims to highlight underrepresented voices in comedy by reserving half its spots to women and trans comedians. The facebook page for this event states that “this is a pro-feminist, anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-xenophobic show.” The show starts at 7:30, but if you want to sign up get there at 7 pm to reserve your slot. Comedy sets will be roughly 5 minutes each. Anyone can sign up to perform regardless of gender identity, but the goal is to secure a space for women and trans voices. Jokes will be told! You will laugh! You can maybe make it through a whole night of comedy only laughing, not cringing and oppressive bullshit! You can order a beer and it will make you laugh harder! What a night! Event organizer, Taylor Sikorski has been known to perform at Vomity, Le Voyeur’s weekly comedy night, and is absolutely hilarious. The Women’s Comedy Open Mic at will be a recurring event at Ben Moore’s on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.

RVIVR Tour kickoff, Half Hearted, Cynosure

Obsidian. 7pm. $7 All Ages.

Hometown punk mainstay RVIVR are about to set off on tour once again! The beloved Olympia band will play six shows up and down the U.S. West Coast, followed by seven more shows in Mexico. Catch them before they go!  RVIVR makes energetic pop punk music that is great for dancing, crying, and singing along. You’ve probably seen them a bunch of times by now, but they never fail to make me hug my friends and remember why I love this town, which we all need, especially when everything seems so gray. Joining them on their tour kickoff are two local bands. Half Hearted’s bandcamp describes the group as “three nerds making pop-punk,” and their 7” cover features a picture of a dog — pretty neat, very cute. Local punk band Cynosure is also playing. The event is all ages; music will be over by 10:30, so show up on time ya punks!