Wasted Advice

Greetings. Welcome to Wasted Advice, wherein you ask for advice and I continue to get drunk and advise you. We both win. You can ask me the questions you can’t ask your resident advisor.

Do you believe that world peace is attainable? I mean at this rate probs not but if we legalize weed globally then hey who knows

everyone keeps telling me i should move out of Olympia & idk where to go & im broke where should I move New Orleans/ Detroit haven’t u read gentrifiers digest this week???????????

what’s like a cute ~~queer d8~~ to take my gay crush on? idk take them to Taco Bell that place is lit as hell and every queer person in this shithole town seems to have pretty low standards for cuisine

i always think shitty punk bros are cute what do i do?! poison them, duh!!!!!!!!!!! Punk boys are physically weak and worthless and probably don’t have 401k’s and are probs not worth the emotional labor! Date someone who goes to university of Puget sound instead

I’m living in dystopia and I think I’m gluten intolerant please help me this life is the pits 🙁 rice, dumbass!!!!!!!! As for your existential cris or whatever just watch the Simpsons idk next question

Has the proliferation of illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank rendered a viable Palestinian state impossible, and if not, what should be the fate of the settlements as part of a lasting two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? TBH I feel as if the Israeli state has perpetrated atrocities on the Palestinian state and its in our (United states) best interest to divest from our economic interests in a state that is so hell bent on settler colonialism and all this talk of a two state solution is sus as hell IMO. I hope that there is viability of a Palestinian state amidst these discussions and that israel’s settler colonialism/imperialism be scrutinized in future discussions. I would say to anyone whole concerns themselves with social justice but fucks with a state that’s perpetuating genocide can suck my hole xpxo wasted advice

a degree from evergreen is actually making me less valuable than when i started what do i do with my life to get those points back gamble duh!!!!!!!!! buy lotto tickets because it’s wayyyyyy safer financially than getting a job with an evergreen degree! Anywhom happy Craigslisting!

I’m having trouble loving and accepting myself, what should I do? 1. Look in th mirror  2. Consult. Sephora’s beauty experts and tell them all that concerns you with yourself on a physical level 3. Buy whatever they tell you to buy 4.achieve self actualization

Finish this sentence “MASCULINITY IS _______” Futile/ meaningless/ a construction

how do you deal w social situations without being like a drunk fool and or smoking a whole pack of cigarettes?  staying home obviously?!!! Next question

how do you feel about bernie slanders? lemme spill the tea: I don’t drink that neoliberal kool aid