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Wasted Advice

Greetings. Welcome to Wasted Advice, wherein you ask for advice and I continue to get drunk and advise you. We both win. You can ask me the questions you can’t ask your resident advisor.

i hate my job, but i feel stupid complaining about it because it is better than most of my friends jobs, how do i get to get paid to do something that doesnt make me want to die? LOOOOK lemme be real, I’ve thought @bour this 2, here the thing love, it’s not about the job. ur insecurities about something super touchy feely deep. it’s appears from this question @ least that u want passion, fire &&& stimulation. I think the best thing 4 u would be to not complain anymore. Look at ur age, I’m guessing in like early 20’s ur doing jones for rent and not for passion, and like if u wnt to move on to another chapter u have to make a change, whether its environment or subject matter this question &&& decision is about u, not about feeling guilty about ur distain or complaining. growing up is knowing and awkwardly realizing that change is inevitable. Money DOE$$$$ play a part & plays a part in venting but like U R IMPORTANT 2 know that U at 21 doesn’t have to be U at 31. make ur own future and they can accomplish things, but with change, Embracee it. Inspire UR friends!!!

whats the secret to being cute? immma gonna be super real and super honest here.for me and I’m sure for some others, being called “cute” feels like an expectation. cute seems like a compliment that is not who u are but expected from others. I get called this all the time and it makes me feel weird and try to be even more bubbly than I already am mm. And trust me, I come across as a super happy “cute” human. There is no secret. IM BEING REAUULLL. the key to cute is saying what u want, when u want 2, and letting lose. 4 some that takes liquid courage? 4 others that means feeling comfortable. But like no one is here 2 tell u how to be a certain way. Give lots or fucks or don’t but I know this sounds super therapy driven. cute or I’d like to say real comes from realizing that u are worth something, and that something caters to someone, a friend or liver or partner watvevaaaaaaaa. caring about “cute” shouldn’t define u. u are more than cute and cute is like an aphrodisiac, it’s something that is proven thru getting out there and making ur amazing personality known!!!

who is the worst band in olympia? anything that ends in lots of ssssss’s or zzzzz’s. But like I’m a good p.r person and know that this question puts me IN A pickle (and not like a good kosher dill pickle which I like Vvvvv much, but a hater pickle and I don’t like that. like wat u like and don’t feel ashamed. I think all bands mostly struggling student bands (cuz oly,) R great. maybe or maybe not my type of music but I think anyone like ANY OnEeeee trying to expand their creativity and make art or transform art, is fucking cool. no hate here

Should President Obama nominate D.C. Court of Appeals Judge Sri Srinivasan to fill Antonin Scalia’s Supreme Court seat, as many have suggested he might, or should he instead choose Beyoncé? like I luv me a Beyoncé because no one is more feeiiirce and fiery as the queen, but I mayget some hate for this, butEVR i’ts a deep and well thought drunk thought, and say that the elevator incident of 2014, where she stood idly by while her sister and husband got into a mad physical altercation makes me really like srsly ponder if the queen could be a legit Supreme Court justice.