Posted October 12, 2016 by Cooper Point Journal in Astrology


For the Week of October 12

By Sylvie Chace

Fall quarter is now in full swing and the stress is settling in! Venus, planet of relationships, is about to transition into the fire sign Sagittarius on October 18th after a while of it being in the emotional water sign of Scorpio. Mars, planet of intense and passionate energy, is still in the stable earth sign Capricorn and will remain there until November 8th.   Mercury, planet of communication has just entered the balanced air sign, Libra. Overall, the intensity of having Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn has left us feeling on-edge. There’s been no time for tolerating nonsense and getting to the truth of the matter has been weighing on all the signs’ minds.

With Venus transitioning into Sagittarius, the sign of the traveler, we all might find ourselves traveling towards what needs the most attention within ourselves. Getting into a routine with classes might keep us busy from our emotional side, but with the deepening change of the seasons, brings a deeper awareness to what we truly need.

 ARIES 3/21 – 4/19

You’ve been moving forward with a quick and fiery pace lately. You’re not one to stop once you’ve set your mind on what direction you want to take. Channel that energy. You don’t need to worry about slowing down for the sake of others, do what feels best for you and your true friends will be cheering you on. Focus your drive into something that keeps you excited and passionate about your life.

TAURUS 4/20 – 5/20

You’re known for being quite a sleepy sign, however once angered, there’s no ignoring your horns! You’ve been feeling an urge to test your surroundings; are your friends truly there for you? Is this the right path to take? Does something not feel quite right? You have all the answers within yourself. All these internal questions might be overwhelming but after settling in at the end of each day, trust that what you know to be true and right for you is real and valid.

GEMINI 5/21 – 6/20

Being so open and sociable has its risks, and you’re currently all too aware of them. For a sign known for its wit and charm, you’ve been getting serious lately. While your intelligence and bubbliness attracts many people, who are the ones you want to stick around? Who are the people you want to truly open up to? Who has your heart right now? Sit with those feelings and give yourself some space, after all it must be hard to be so charming all the time.

CANCER 6/21 – 7/22

Relationships are work and it seems that you’ve been putting in an enormous effort into all of your relationships. Let yourself reap the benefits of putting tender care into everyone in your life. Let yourself be the one taken care of. You have enough on your plate already, so sit back and give yourself some space to handle all your daily little tasks in life. Don’t worry about cooking everyone else dinner, instead see how your loved ones come together for you.

LEO 7/23 – 8/22

The ‘no-nonsense’ aspect of the planets positions have been a perfect theme for your life lately. You haven’t had the time to put your energy into people who only want to take and give nothing in return. Notice how much more balanced and stable your life feels right now. Giving your attention to who and what deserves it empowers you. Make your mental well-being your drive and your passion.

VIRGO 8/23 – 9/22

This season so far has been testing you. Learn from it. This is your season to grow! What are your new dreams? Your new goals? How are they helping you to move away from the past? Be open to all feedback, be open to all new paths. The fall is still just settling in, there’s time to adjust your routine to your new ambitions. You’ll find that with all the tests life throws your way, comes great opportunity for creativity.

LIBRA 9/23 – 10/22

You’ve been shifting around the baggage of your life. With Jupiter, planet of fortune, in your sign, this makes this the perfect season to leave behind the past and start anew. What keeps you going? What keeps you grounded? Hold onto the things that keep you in love with your life. Letting go isn’t easy for a sign with as much love to give as you, but it’s necessary if you want to live to your best potential.

SCORPIO 10/23 – 11/21

With venus in your sign, all the spare time you’ve had you’ve given back to yourself. You are deeply intuitive to your inner emotions. Venus will soon be transitioning away from your deep waters so think about how to communicate your feelings. Healing is hard and we all need help, don’t be afraid to reach out and see the community of support you have behind you. It’s especially hard for someone as mysterious as you to break down those walls but it’s a part of your healing process.

SAGITTARIUS 11/22 – 12/21

You’re not afraid to cut out the people who drain you. You’re not afraid to be honest and real about what you need from others. With venus soon entering your sign, think about the relationships that have stuck through it all. You’re known for being vibrant and energetic, so channel that energy into who and what deserves it. Hold onto the side of you that is blunt, it takes bravery to be honest. Cherish the ones in your life who support this side of you.

CAPRICORN 12/22 – 1/19

As always, you may find yourself exhausted with your work. You are one to give your all into things. You’ve mastered how to channel your frustration and anger into productivity. However, others don’t quite understand you. Don’t diminish your light or your energy, but find ways to channel your rightful rage into something that makes you feel more connected to community. You are never alone, and you should never let people who don’t understand you try to make you feel small.

AQUARIUS 1/20 – 2/18

Your alias is the water-bearer, and with the changes in the season you’ve been diving into those inner waters. You want to know yourself, and now it feels like your desires are more clear than ever. Now with the quarter in full-swing it’s time to get to work! Put your whole self into what you do, find a way to love your work and what you create, let it be a reflection of your inner self.

PISCES 2/19 – 3/20

For someone known for being a bit on the shy side, you’ve been reaching out. Seeking help and asking for answers is necessary for emotional growth, and emotional growth is your forte being such an intuitive sign. What lessons are you learning? What are others teaching you? Be open to the stories of people around you and let these influences shape you. Let yourself be open to learning anything you can, an unexpected lesson may teach you something that will help you  in the long run.