Posted November 2, 2016 by Cooper Point Journal in Arts & Culture

Rachel Carlson

Cover Artist


I take photographs because they let me represent myself through an image. I feel stronger when I am taking photographs, I feel a sense of purpose. I enjoy documenting other artists at work and my personal work is often about double standards in society, marginalized voices, and longing. My work here is about body image, the teeth are candy and represent the double standards in society about personal hygiene for men and women. The candy represents the arrested psychological development of a young person trying to become an adult. This still life of candy teeth represents body issues and the lack representation of realistic women in popular media and modern art. The empty plate is about body image, double standards in society about food consumption, and how much we waste while others starve. The emptiness of the plate is meant to express spiritual hunger, and a single grape which is a recurring image in my art represents longing for love and acceptance, from the self and others.