Posted November 8, 2016 by Cooper Point Journal in Astrology

Horoscopes for the Week of October 26

By Sylvie Chace

The pressure is on. With the quarter now halfway through and the Sun in mysterious Scorpio, what makes us feel intense and emotionally charged is what is highlighted now in all the signs lives. Mercury, planet of communication has also recently transitioned into Scorpio. Venus, planet of relationships, is still in the fiery Sagittarius until November 11.

There is a lot of emphasis on Scorpio now as the Sun and Mercury are both in this sign, with a combination of Capricorn’s goal-oriented energy in planet of the underworld, Pluto, and Sagittarius’s fiery spirit in Venus, this season is starting to look powerful. Power can be channeled into both negative or positive aspects of our lives, but what is most important to be aware of is that it is up to you to control your power and use it as a force of good in your life. With the air getting colder, our inner power should be used to lift ourselves and others up.

ARIES: The power that this season brings with it is of no issue to someone like you. Lately you’ve been feeling an inner power, maybe something has happened that has unexpectedly changed you recently? Whether it’s rage, joy, passion, or excitement, let that fuel you towards a certain direction. Develop goals for yourself. Remember that not everyone will express their inner power in such a bold way, so it’s important to stay grounded by those goals.

TAURUS: Get moving. There’s so much powerful energy around us this season, and it’s your job to not let it pass you by while you’re taking a nap. It’s time to collaborate, to get excited, to get working on something you can put all of your self into. You’re capable, driven, and sure of yourself. You have all the makings of success right within you, so start making plans and making connections and put those good traits to use!

GEMINI: Use your inner power to face the harder things. Look inside yourself and explore those deeper issues around your relationships to others. It’s time to stop hiding behind your charm and get into the darker emotions beneath the surface. Talk it out, make a list, make a plan! Get organized throughout the chaos of it all. You may find yourself having a lightbulb moment, or feeling an epiphany you wouldn’t have if you had ignored the hard stuff.

CANCER: Some of your fellow water sign, Scorpio’s, traits have been leaking into your life. You’ve been so focused on your relationships, you’re a natural care-taker, but something’s off? What needs to be destroyed? Destruction has never been your forte but with all the intensity in the air, you’re ready now to think about what to be rid of, what to cut off, let go or change to take these relationships to the next level.

LEO: Carrying a planner may not be your style, but you need balance. You can have it all! The work and the fun, but you need to get organized. Take a minute for yourself, structure your life and find a way to weave work and play together in a way that feels equal. You have the drive and passion to accomplish bigger goals now, start challenging yourself and take bigger steps towards bigger dreams.

VIRGO: Doing things with your hands has always helped you feel grounded in times of intensity. Go with it at full force. Don’t judge your creations, give yourself room to make it messy, no matter how horrifying a mess may seem to you! You’ll find that when you let it all out in the open, you can clearly see what your holding back. What feels good to talk about? What feels cathartic to make art about? Get to know yourself through your work.

LIBRA: Understand the root of the problem. Sometimes it’s not pretty to get deep into things, but in order to break harmful patterns or to understand why things happen the way they do, we have to look into the heart of the matter. Why do you respond the way you do? Why do you care for certain things? Self-reflection is a power, harness it. Take space in a conscious way that helps you understand yourself. Meditate, write, focus. Now isn’t the time to escape your thoughts, confront them.

SCORPIO: It seems like the spotlight is on you and all eyes are watching. Having no privacy sounds like a nightmare, but think of it this way: You are cherished. You are believed and loved by so many. Your words and thoughts and ideas all have tremendous power and now people are truly listening. This is YOUR season, this is YOUR time. Make sure you get your much-needed alone time to ground yourself through all of this, you may find yourself wanting to create something as beautiful as this power makes you feel.

SAGITTARIUS: With loving venus still in your sign, now may be the time to rest. You’re not exactly known for sitting still, but try it out just once? You’ve been working long and hard for what seems like a huge period of your life. You’re making it. Things are working out. You don’t need to try so hard. Trust that your natural charm can draw positivity in, rather than running around trying to draw it out.

CAPRICORN: You may want to take note of the infamous extreme Scorpio traits because Scorpio’s ruling planet, Pluto will be in your sign for 16 years. This planet is about secrets, death, and all things mysterious. Don’t stay cooped up in yourself right now, let it all out. You have a tendency to hold yourself back because you think other people can’t handle you. You are not someone that others need to ‘handle’. You are allowed to take up infinite space simply because you need to right now. So be loud, be angry, get ugly! If there was any time to do so, now is it.

AQUARIUS: Be humbled by your inner power. Everything in your life you have crafted and created by hand and given to yourself. It’s been a lot of work, and it must be exhausting, but your power should never be used to self-depricate or self-doubt. You’ve made it this far on your own, so step back, exhale, and keep moving. You are an unstoppable force.

PISCES: The ground underneath you has been feeling shaky lately. You need support, but who is there for you? Sometimes you need to step outside of yourself and be the emotional support for somebody else. Maybe it feels like your foundation is crumbling because there’s a heavy weight on everyone. Be a force of powerful love. Do what you what you can to lift the weight off of others and you’ll see that your true friends will return the favor.