Posted February 2, 2017 by Cooper Point Journal in Astrology


Week of February 1

By Sylvie Chace

With the recent new moon in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, all the signs have been feeling a call to action. When our world is threatened, when our loved ones are in danger, or when we don’t feel safe ourselves, often there is a tendency to react by hiding away from it all. However, these next couple weeks are about coming together, stating intentions and following through on our plans. There is power within each of us, and to bring that together makes an unstoppable community.

ARIES: You’ve dug in your heels and are dedicated, Aries. Much like your alias, the ram, you’ve been feeling defensive and ready to butt heads with anyone who disagrees with you. There hasn’t been room for humor in your pain, this is serious. While your stubbornness is admirable, over time you’re going to have to learn to let go a little and learn to laugh again, even among a hard time.

TAURUS: Things have been hitting you a little harder than usual lately. You’re just extra-sensitive to any and all harshness the world throws at you. It’s okay to feel everything deeply, learn to understand all your emotions, get to know them. However, don’t stop there, Taurus. Getting stuck with your head in the clouds isn’t going to help you now. Turn your sensitivity into a force of good for yourself and others.

GEMINI: There is something mysterious and dark hovering over you. Maybe a secret you’re keeping, or an off-feeling you’re having? Don’t be afraid of the dark, Gemini. You’re known to have two sides, and while your outward self wants to come off cool, you have something deeply emotional inside of you that’s begging to have some light shed on it. Don’t repress something because it seems scary, if you let a little of yourself go it may just be the key to greater happiness.

CANCER: You’re taking on too much, Cancer. You may have thought it was all a good idea, that all this stuff would help you in the end but it’s just too much! There’s no way you can carry this big of a load on your shoulders. Start prioritizing what in your life absolutely needs your fierce leadership and what can saved for later. While you ideally want to handle everything at once, you are someone who needs to put self-care first.

LEO: Your typical style of self-confidence has been on-point. Something’s clicked, you understand perfectly where you are in life and what you should be doing. However, others aren’t perceiving your confidence as confidence. Take a minute to step back and check in with yourself. Are you saying something that could be hurting someone’s feelings without even realizing? While being in touch with yourself is important, focus on staying in touch with others too– you don’t want your friends to feel forgotten.

VIRGO: You’re known to be a workaholic type, and you can see your goals starting to get accomplished. Something might be finally going exactly the way you planned it, or you may still be working hard while knowing that the reward is right in front of you. Keep on keepin’ on, Virgo. You’re doing something right.

LIBRA: When the going gets rough, you tend to hide yourself away, Libra. Conflict isn’t exactly your thing, but you may be feeling like something’s missing for you. You’re leaving a part of yourself behind by shutting away. You’re forgetting your value, and forgetting to stay confident. While it’s good to do things within your own self-interest, you can’t trap yourself in your own head forever.

SCORPIO: Patience isn’t exactly one of your virtues, but something has been slowly but surely ending in your life. Maybe you’ve finally moved on from an ex, or your sensing that your current friend group just doesn’t value you. You’re one who’s known to ignite endings with your sharp and ruthless stinger. Drifting slowly away from the past doesn’t quite feel natural for you, but just know that so much pain is already behind you. You’re still working through it, but the future is bright.

SAGITTARIUS: For you, restlessness and boredom are the absolute worst feelings imaginable. However that’s exactly what’s been going on. Your living, but not thriving, you’re going through the motions and your life isn’t exciting right now. It’s okay for things to get slower. Maybe you need to rest for a minute, there might be something inside you trying to get to the surface. Settle in, get cozy, and start processing.

CAPRICORN: You’ve been level-headed. Getting work done, staying calm, and overall just being at peace with yourself. However the eye of the storm is always the most temperate part. Surrounding you are swirling winds and harsh weather, but you are resilient. Others may see ‘boring’ but only you know where you truly stand. Sometimes just getting up in the morning for work or class is an act of resistance.

AQUARIUS: You’re ready to feel something intense. It’s as though you’ve been asleep, Aquarius. Just work and school, but now you’ve snapped–in a positive sense. You have so much to give and now is the time to give deeply. Maybe there’s someone who’s caught your eye, or maybe it’s yourself that you can’t wait to pay extra attention to. No matter what harshness the world throws your way, you’re ready to fight it with fierce love.

PISCES: You are illuminated. Something, or someone has got you feeling warm and fuzzy inside and you’re bursting at the seams with light. Hold on to this warmth, Pisces. You’re not known for having the best of luck, but I would argue that your emotional resilience makes you the luckiest sign of them all. Feel free to sit and bask, do things that make you feel extra-confident. You’ll have so much more to offer when you feel good about yourself.