Wasted Advice

February 1

Greetings. Welcome to Wasted Advice, wherein you ask for advice and I continue to get drunk and advise you. We both win. You can ask me the questions you can’t ask your resident advisor.

Is there anyway around seeing people in oly who I’ve previously iced, other than moving or never leaving my house? Just irl ice them. Like just dont acknowledge theyre there if you see them. idk take the step to like actualky exolain you dont wanna be there friend or really be in there presenxe. Its way harder than icing someone but if its really making you wanna move or stay inside its gotta be better than being stuck

i wanna get laid but I feel like the only ppl who show interest in me are men and like…it’s not fair I’m feelin like drake out here wishing for my dream girl 🙁 Drakes seeing jlo last i heard. So in that note id say maybe just make sure you dont get caught on nikkis and riris and dream girls that you gotta get through like 2 cds to go find your jlo someone unexpected and just as awesome.

Why don’t men believe me when I say I’m a homo? Like the term “queer” is so vague so str8 dudes still wanna hit me up and I’m literally crying about it Theres always that straight guy who just doesnt get it its awfuk and its so real. I really dont have an answer for you. Drunk me is probabky the last person you should ask. Id just say just put the words NO ST8 MEN huge at the too of all your profiles. Irl menwhen it comes down to it. Fuck them do you. Like get it boo!!! Theyr olenty of qieer ppl around.

What should I do with a girl on the first date? Fine some way to get to know her?  Whats your ideal chill moment? Ask her to do tbat, like do you really deep down wanna just hangout in shitty clothes and watch netflix because youre super busy like 90% of the time with school and hw and getting drunk and answering ppls questions? I am so thats all i want! Idk about you but my adivice is just do that. its too cold outside to go anywhere anyways BUT If your not super busy id say like take her to lunch/dinner its classic its good…

Why is la croix actually so fucking disgusting and when can we all agree to stop drinking it? I’m trying to keep up with the ~beverage aesthetic~ but it’s NOT worth it Honeslty i am on the same page as ypu!!! And also we can agree right now. It is disgusting and the can isnt even aestheic enough to make up for hoe bad it taste. Just save your money and get some soda or good tasting soda water. Dont drink that shit to to fit in?!? Especially when it comes down to something as silly as la croix like honesty save your money and time and jump on some other bandwagon