Week Of February 15

This past weekend really packed an emotional punch for all the signs. On February 10, a full moon in the bold sign of Leo and a lunar eclipse occurred all at once. With the sun and moon in fixed signs, there is an urge to hold stubbornly to old ideas and memories, however, full moons are a time to reflect and begin a new cycle. A season of change is upon us, but the signs are still reeling from what they need to let go of, what change to embrace, and what to reflect on in order to move forward. With something so emotionally intense, some signs may be feeling fired up and recharged, whereas other signs are reluctant to face what future lies ahead.

Something in the realm of relationships has your mind occupied. There is a duality you may be dealing with, between approach vs avoidance, or taking something too far vs inaction. You can’t live within binaries of one extreme vs the other. Although you may feel comfortable with the more extreme emotions, it ultimately doesn’t fulfill you. Be gentle with your loved ones, be gentle with yourself.

You are a solid and steady force, through all adversity you are relying on yourself and that is a powerful place to be in that no one can take away from you. Keep going, Taurus. The hard times are still coming and you already have all the tools to handle it at your disposal. Just do what you do best, stay patient and stable.

You’ve been doing some deep thinking lately, Gemini. It’s as though you’ve unlocked a dark chamber in your mind and you’re letting all your big emotions breathe. It feels heavy to process all of those memories, but with it comes new ideas for a better future. Don’t stay too caught in your head, you’ve already done some great work for yourself, don’t be afraid to move on in big ways.

You’ve been working on something that is taking an awfully long time. While you can be a patient person, it’s starting to get a little ridiculous. Just take a deep breath Cancer, and don’t panic. You’re doing everything you possibly can and I promise you it’s enough. Sometimes you just have to keep working and keep having faith that eventually the dust will settle.

Something in you has woken up. An idea, an emotion, an opportunity has arisen from you and now is the time to commit your energy to a project. Something big is in store for you, but it’s up to you to embrace change with raw creativity. This should be a no-brainer for someone as bold and imaginative as you, Leo, just don’t forget to follow through to the very end.

You’ve been the emotional support for someone else. People tend to take advantage of your stability and organization, however now is the time for you to be emotionally supported. Who is there for you at the times when you need it the most? If you’re finding yourself yearning for intimacy or seeking an emotional connection don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Let the love you’ve given come back to you.

For someone who has trouble making decisions about what to wear in the morning, you’ve been wasting no time making decisions on who gets to stay in your life and who needs to leave. Whether you’ve gone on a Facebook friend-cleanse, or deleted people who you can no longer trust irl, you’ve decided that your self-worth matters. It’s always okay to put yourself first.

You’ve been avoiding making a choice. Maybe it’s a big decision to make, or maybe you have too many other things to deal with right now but sooner or later you’re going to need to decide. Avoidance is so unlike you, and maybe you just haven’t been yourself lately, but stop pushing something away because you feel like it’s not big enough of a deal. You know exactly what’s right for you, there should be nothing to fear.

A lot of what you’ve been reflecting on is the positives in your life. It may feel more productive for you to focus on the good rather than dwelling on the bad, but don’t leave others behind. Feeling happy for your success is valid and great, but if you alienate others around you who may be suffering, you could be left feeling lonely too. Let everyone join in on the positivity.

You think you have it all figured out but something may be totally off without you realizing it. Going off of pure intellect or objective judgement can be cold and harsh. While you may be making the choices that are right for you, who or what are you leaving behind? Sometimes it’s not productive to make decisions with your heart, and you don’t necessarily need to, but don’t forget that real emotions are always a part of every decision.

You are not one to be trifled with lately, Aquarius. While you will always be a humanitarian at heart, right now it’s your time to be ruthless. Don’t bottle up the things that are angering you or are unjust, let everything out. You’re good at vocalizing your feelings and this is a time for you to be unapologetic about it. You should never feel bad for asserting what’s right.

You’re moving at a fast pace right now which may be a little jarring for someone who’s used to being in their head most of the time. Something (or someone) has your attention and you’re moving forward rapidly. While it’s good to be driven, remember to step back and reflect on whether this is a path you want to go down or not. Hold on to your ambition, but make sure it’s the right thing for you.