Posted March 1, 2017 by jasmine gilroy in Letters & Opinion

Internship Stipends

Letter To The Editor

We are writing as members of the Geoduck Student Union in support of a critical fundraising campaign that, we feel, the Class of 2017 Gift should go towards. As many know already, a large portion of Greeners receive financial aid, specifically the state need grant. Many of these students are not able to take on unpaid internships, which of course locks them out of great opportunities and important pathways to success. So, it is our belief that by providing a stipend to support students who take unpaid internships we can ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunities. If this is chosen to be the class gift it will provide some vital seed money for the program and convey the importance of funding internship stipends to donors as the school ramps up this program. We encourage Graduating seniors to vote on the graduation ballot available at and we recommend they choose “Internship Stipends” as the class gift purpose.


Waylon Robert, Mia Harvey, Charles Adkins, and Asher Matthews