Stuff To Do

Week Of February 15

by Jasmine Kozak Gilroy

Thursday 2/16 
Autococoon, Hello Shark, Anna Jeter, The Washboard Abs
Ghost House. 7pm. $5 NOTAFLOF

Low key jams with high key great sounds. The Washboard Abs’ have u scanned ur club card? is my go to cassette for drowsy, late night drives back from Seattle; the perfect combination of noises to wake you up and calm you down, like a very forgiving day dream. Anna Jeter, still new in town, plays tunes sure to make you sway and give you gleeful chills that will dance up and down your spine. Her online presence is miniscule compared to her in-real-life glory, which is saying something considering how beautiful the two songs she has posted on her Bandcamp sound. Hello Shark, hailing from Philly, plays sweet emphatic tunes that will follow you into your dreams. Their newest album is best summed up by the tags supplied by the artist—alternative attic abasement casiotone florist free cake for every creature philadelphia power animal lo-fi—what more could I possibly say? Autococoon is the solo project of Caitlin Payne Roberts, whose band Hoop’s provided kind backyard jams that served as the backdrop for my summer. You’re all in for a treat, Autococoon is sure to bring the soul searching chill tunes for melancholy nights you’ve been looking for, live, in somebody’s living room. 7 p.m. (sharp!) at Ghost House, bring cash for the bands.

Friday 2/17
Fakakt, Space Dust, Ziptie, Moondawn

Dumpster Values. 8pm. Donation.

Local punks are getting together to raise funds and make some noise. In OPIUM posts, Space Dust identify themselves as synth art punks making science inspired “insanely loud and powerful noise from the heart.” Moondawn will be bringing down the storefront with their ambient drone. Ziptie is “a bunch of snot rocket bozos playing slime ball noisey punk” from Seattle, braving the Interstate–5 to bring you loud, aggressive music fit for moshing or lounging. Fakakt are hardcore punk/noise crust newbies featuring former and current members of Table Sugar, Big Idiot, and Slug Job, ready to rumble. All ages, pay what you will, cost of entry goes towards the Andre and Bryson legal fund.

Sunday 2/17 
Pines, Coherence, Nación de Humo
Track House. 7pm. $5 NOTAFLOF

“Olympia punk Supergroup” Pines is always a favorite with echoey bitter sweet vocals and complex rhythms. Do you like punk rock? Who doesn’t. Better yet, punk rock with thoughts and feelings. Coherence, all the way from Oakland, bringing you all that, bilingual lyrics, and the kitchen sink. Nación de Humo, from Seattle, will be performing sweet ambient noise you can drown in. This gig is hosted at the formerly infamous Track House, now a sober safe(r) space with welcoming, mellow vibes, and they will be offering hot vegan food. The flier has a burning limousine on it which is always a positive sign there will be good people and fun times, this will be a great show to make really cool friends at.

Tuesday 2/21
Tabour Mountain, Your Boyfriend, Sawtooth, George Christian Pettis

The New Moon Cafe. 8pm. $5– 8.

“BAY AREA BASED DARC PRINCE OF LARGE POP SEEKS PDX SAD SCUMBAGS OF SHOEWAVE FOR PIZZA RECRUITING MISSION AROSS NORTHWESTERN AMERICA”, says Tabor Mountain of their ‘I Hate Mondays’ tour with Portland’s own Your Boyfriend. Tabor Mountain produces synth pop that will drag you back three decades into a world of big hair neon lights and power suits. Your Boyfriend plays complex shoegaze electronica extraordinaire, soft jams featuring lots of sampling and spacey, dream like vocals. They will be joined by Oly veteran project Sawtooth, everybody’s favorite (post)americana and the clean folk stylings of George Christian Pettis, both seasoned acts with real mass appeal. 8 p.m. at the New Moon Cafe After Dark, bring $5–8 dollars to help the touring folks get where they need to go.