Posted March 17, 2017 by Cooper Point Journal in Astrology


Week of March 15

By Sylvie Chace

Last Sunday’s full moon in Virgo has us drawn into our work, leaving all the signs a space for big plans and new creative prospects. However, Venus is still stationed retrograde in the signs of Aries transitioning into Pisces. While our outward lives are being manifested, tended to, and actively worked on, our approaches to love and relationships may be bringing confusion and challenges. With the end of winter among us, there is a theme of change hovering over all the signs. It’s not so much that change is drastically occurring, rather, we may be seeing something coming up on the horizon. The future may be blurry and uncertain, but we must remain open to whatever mysteries unravel in the spring.

You can get quite defensive at times, Aries. When love is the element in question, there tends to be walls up for you. You’re saying one thing, but feeling another. Are you just trying to protect your heart? Or is it possible you’re blocking yourself away from true intimacy?

Although it may not feel like it, the seeds for future abundance have been planted. Something is coming up on the horizon for you, however you need to tend to it if you want the fruits of your labor to grow. There is still work to be done, Taurus. Luckily, you know all too well the true value of hard work.

You’ve been rather indulgent this Venus retrograde. You’ve been riding out what should be a reflective time with ease due to your natural charm. A word of caution, you may be pursuing pleasure without regard to consequences. ‘Have fun now and worry later’ may seem like an appealing motto at the moment, however, it’s good to consider how your heart will handle regret.

The struggles you’ve been facing are all too real and all too heavy. There comes a point in reaching ‘rock bottom’ where we throw our hands up and laugh about how it can’t possibly get any worse! Could it be that you may be a bit melodramatic, Cancer? Pay attention to your strengths and resiliencies and notice how despite what may feel like rock-bottom, you are actually much stronger than you realize.

You tend to be the type to go for things at full-speed ahead, Leo. You may have noticed that your battle scars are catching up with you, and things that you shook off in the past are wounding you now. Proceed with caution. You’ve been through more than you’re giving yourself credit for. It’s ok to take steps into life rather than leaps.

There is a lacking or a set-back in your life that is hitting you at your core right now. Maybe home hasn’t been feeling very comfortable, or you feel that you’re not living up to your full potential in school or work. It’s hard to know that something’s off, especially when you have such a strong need to fix things. Comfort is close, Virgo. Just be open to finding it within yourself rather than the outside world.

Being ruled by Venus is especially challenging for you right now during this retrograde. Love is a powerful and driving force in your life and you have an abundance of it. However, this may be the very area of your life that you are experiencing confusion in as well. You’re in a crossroads of feeling deeply, yet feeling distant. What will serve you best during this retrograde, Libra? A love for abundance or a love for yourself?

One of the most traumatic things for a Scorpio to feel is trapped. You may be feeling like you’ve hit a dead-end and are unable to break through mental blockage. You are the sign of complete transformation, so what’s the problem? There may be a restrictive force somewhere in your life and now is the time to break free of it.

Due to your immense amount of bold, creative energy, there is something big for you on the horizon. You may not even know it yet but with the change of the season comes a new journey, and undoubtedly for the fiery wanderers of the zodiac, this means something inspiring is on its way. Now is the time to take risks and make big plans for yourself.

At last the fruits of your labor have arrived! You may be feeling protective over your fruits because you didn’t just wait around for them, you
worked for them. Tirelessly, and at times aggressively. You may be finding that you have more time for yourself than you thought to indulge and reap the benefits of all that you’ve worked for.

Being a natural humanitarian, you tend to be thinking of others more than yourself, Aquarius. Your reputation for being aloof and alien-like stems from a deep interest in humankind. However, now is the time to look inward and focus on your wants and goals in life. You’re not thinking big enough. Feel free to look away from the influence others and stay focused in on you.

You have excellent intuition and know exactly when to take a step back and focus on the bigger picture. Now is one of those times for you, Pisces. Lately, you’ve been so focused in on weaving that you can’t even see the big beautiful web you’ve created. Don’t forget to remember that while you’re mind is elsewhere, there’s a whole new season of change in store for you this spring.


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