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Welcome (Back) to POC Talk

Hey ya’ll and welcome back to POC Talk! A column for people of color (POC) by people of color! With issues of representation looming large on our minds lately (and who are we kidding, always) our goal is to focus on the unique experiences POC face at Evergreen and in Olympia. From this issue on, you can find POC TALK in our L&O section, for no-holds-barred commentary on local happenings.

We’re here to answer your questions, scour out the best places to buy and get food, help you find shows and events, introduce you to local POC artists and anything else y’all want to hear from us.

We’ll be taking your questions and comments and would love to hear from you—seriously, please email us. We can’t run if you don’t! Help shape this column into what our community wants to see! When it all comes down to it we’re doing this for all of you. We got your back, so bring the realness.

Although racism, neo nazis and issues of police abuse and harassment are major issues within our communities. We really want to try and focus this column on being a place for POC without inadvertently making it all about white people and how they treat us. The thing is we don’t need our eyes opened to these issues we know, live and experience them personally. This should be a place where we can be us without it being overshadowed by the dark cloud that is living under white supremacy and having to see things from a white perspective. This is why when we do cover these issues it will be in the context and from the perspective of POC and POC only.

Because of the scary national backlash the school faced last year, which I assume will continue, this column is and will continue to be anon.

If you have things to tell/ask us or you’re a POC who wants to write for POC Talk please email us at

Peace Out,

POC Talk


Dear White people,  please take a step back, this isn’t brown-people-answer-white-people’s-questions-hour, we’re asking specifically for submissions from POC. As being told no seems to be a difficult concept for some of y’all I await your emails about the Irish, how the term white fragility is mean (great example of white fragility) and how we need to view people through a color-blind lens (just lol). You will 100% not get a response!!!