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Wasted Advice

Week of October 4

Should I text him? I mean like fucking for go it. We’re all dieing anyway so what do you have to loooose? Dignity is a lie, boys are evil but do it, follo yr dreams

I’m drowning in class, what do I do? Talk to yr prfos sometime their chill or spill all the water so at lest every one else also drowns??? ALos if you’re stressing about something that’s due in a couple days sometimes the bst thing to do is just tell yrslf that you have the night off probably

How much coffee is too much coffee? This feels very targeted but also same so? If you do too much coffffeee, alcohol rules work. Eat a slice of bread and drink hella water

Everything is going my way. I have nothing to complain about. What do I do? Um like chill tf out and enjoy it?? soon enough either things will go awry and/or the anxiety you feel over your contendness + guilt of  enjoying life will take over and you will be sad again….? Like, just think about it for a few minutes u will probalby find Something to complain about i believe in u don’t worry things will turn shit again soon xoxoxox

how do i get Dwayne the rock Johnson to date me? messgage him on insta tell him to ‘come to olympia and ill show you a good time’ tell him youll take him to taco bell no one can refuse that no matter how rich and famous

Plz tell me how to turn up? if you dont know how to get turnt you will nevr know how to get turnt sorry square


We get drunk so you don’t have to. Ask us the questions you can’t ask your RA @